Stone heart

I don't know, i just wrote what came to my mind but here it is. My heart does not like it when you play games with it.


1. Stone heart

i had a heart of stone,

until you came along,

you played me like like a violin

you left in shambles an',

i hate you for what you did,

but i can't stop staring,

your eyes leave me dazed,

but you left me for days,

my heart is left wrangled,

my lungs feel so strangled,

your the reason i want to be dead,

but love how your voice echos in my head,

i can't get a single word in,

but that don't matter,

because you are the only thing keeping me breathing,

my heart feels like its been abused,






but you seem to heal me with your presence,

but now its done,

i cant take no more,

it is finely over,

i am walking forward,

i am leaving you behind,

i am getting on with my life,

staying is pointless,

life is torture around you,

and i have once again got a heart of stone.

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