Lily and Toby

Lily and Tobias Snape live with their father Severus Snape who is the potion master at Hogwarts. They never knew their mother, due to the fact that she had died giving birth to the twins. This is a story where you will not only see the hard side of Snape, you will also see his inner-side. Please likes are lovable and comments are cool!


3. The Twin's Birthdays

         The Twin's 6th Birthday

​Today was the twin's 6th birthday. Severus had vowed to make their birthdays better. So this year, Severus decided to take them to a muggle amusement park. He had never been particularly interested in muggle things, but decided to take the twins because he thought that they might like it- especially Toby. He wanted everything to be just right today. When the twins came downstairs, they ate breakfast in silence while Severus read the newspaper. This was a daily routine, something that they always did. When the twins were done eating, Lily asked, "Daddy, what are we doing today?" "We're going to an amusement park- it's for muggles but it looks good enough. Just make sure to control your feelings- you can't let muggles see magic," Severus replied. They decided to Apparate to the outside of the parking lot. Severus was sure that he could do Side-Along-Apparation with two six year olds. When they arrived, Severus paid for the tickets and they went in. The twins stared at all the rides in awe. "Are you sure muggles built this?" Toby asked. "Yes," Severus answered. They rode the merry go round first. The twins looked so happy that Severus took a picture- it was a magic camera of course. They also rode this ride that Severus didn't quite know how to explain what it was. It spun around and around. The twins enjoyed the ride and that was all that mattered to Severus. After they rode many other rides and after Severus took many other pictures, twins got tired- they were six year olds after all- and they decided to go home. They had eaten lunch at the park and it was now almost dinnertime. When they Apparated back to their house, the twins were tired and so they ate dinner and went straight to bed. Severus, on the other hand, thought about the events of the day. He was satisfied. He thought that it was the best birthday that he had ever given them and he hoped that the twins thought so too. He decided to appreciate muggles for the time being. How they lived without magic- he did not know. Anyway, it was getting late so Severus went to sleep in a good mood.

​     The Twin's 7th Birthday

​  Severus took them to a water park this year. Since they had loved the amusement park last year, he was sure that they would like the water park better. Turns out, his prediction was right. The twins loved the water park. There were water slides and playgrounds both full of water. The twins looked happy together. He took pictures and wished that he had a childhood like that. Eventually- at five o' clock- the twins got tired. Severus decided that they best go home and so they Apparated home, shivering because of the water that had now become cold. Severus made the twins take a hot bath and told their house elf- Midgy- to prepare dinner. The twins were even more tired than last year- apparently water tired them out more. They stumbled upstairs and went to bed. Severus thought he had done a pretty good job an last year and this year too. He wondered where he should take them next year...

​     The Twin's 8th Birthday

​  Severus had run out of ideas. Lily was begging for him to let her brew potions but Severus thought that it was too dangerous. Toby wanted nothing but to know how to do magic. Severus knew that they weren't allowed to- he didn't even have a wand! Maybe a picnic? Well, that was what it would have to do for this year. Severus woke up a little earlier than usual and told Midgy to prepare food for a picnic and then cook breakfast. When the twins came downstairs for their usual morning routine, Severus surprised them by saying, "Let's eat breakfast and then go to the park. We're going on a picnic. After that we'll go to Diagon Alley. Do you have anything you want to take to the park?" The twins didn't have a lot of possessions- especially not toys. "No." So they ate breakfast and went to the park. They didn't have to Apparate since there was a park near their house. Lots of muggles had picnics there. It was a sunny day everything seemed good. They went to the park where Severus let them play for a while. The twins each went different directions. Lily went towards a muggle girl named Hermione Granger who was reading a book on the park bench. Lily went up to her and said, "Hello. My name is Lily. What's yours?" The girl was so surprised that she jumped five feet up in the air! Lily could tell that she was a witch. She decided to tell Severus later. He had warned the twins beforehand to not tell anyone that they were magical. When the girl finally calmed down, she said, "My name is Hermione Granger. I'm 8 years old." "So am I!" Lily exclaimed. "What book is that you're reading?" "It's a book called Great Expectations. I don't suppose you've read it. It's mostly for adults." Hermione said. "I did. My father has a collection of books written by Charles Dickens. I read that book last year. It's interesting, is it not?" Lily asked. Finally, she had someone that she could compare with! "Yes, it certainly is. Who did you come with? I came with my parents. The weather is good, so we decided to go to the park. It's much better to read outside." Hermione replied. Lily asked, "Yes, I suppose so. I came with my father. It is Toby, my twin, and my birthday today. Where are your parents? I would like to meet them. Will you come with me to ask my father if it's okay?" "Certainly," Hermione said. 

​  Severus saw Lily with a girl and they were chatting away excitedly. He raised an eyebrow towards them as if to question who she was. "Father, this is Hermione, may I go meet her parents? They're over there." Lily pointed to a couple that were waving to them. "Go on," Severus said. So Lily and Hermione went over to where Hermione's parents were waiting. "Now who is this pretty little girl," Mrs.Granger asked. "She is my new friend, Lily. She has read the book Great Expectations. Can I go to their house if their father says yes? May I? Please?" Hermione asked. Mr. and Mrs.Granger looked at each other nervously. After all, They had just met each other. But they trusted their daughter and her friend Lily seemed smart too. "Um... Okay. Take care of yourselves!" Mrs.Granger said. The girls happily skipped towards Severus who was wondering what had made them so happy. He had never seen Lily so happy before. "Father, can Hermione come over to our house? Please?" Severus was at a loss of words. She was a muggle and at their house... well. But then suddenly, Lily bent down and told Severus about how Hermione had jumped up five feet into the air without trying, Severus said yes. They had already eaten lunch and so Severus called Toby who was on the swings by himself.

​  On the way home, Hermione told them where she lived. Coincidentally, she lived at the house right next to them! When they got home, Lily asked if Severus if she could tell Hermione about wizarding people. Severus said yes. Lily ushered Hermione into her room. Lily took a deep breath and started by saying, "You probably won't believe this the first time I tell you, but please don't interrupt me. And you must not tell your parents. You can explain to them when the time comes. You are a witch, Hermione. That is not a bad thing, in fact, it is a wonderful thing! I am a witch too. We will go to Hogwarts when we are eleven. You will get a letter saying that you are invited to Hogwarts when the time is right. Hogwarts is the best school for witchcraft and wizardry out of all the others. I knew you were a witch when I first met you. You jumped up five feet in the air without trying! There were probably some other weird things that happened to you, am I right?" "Yes," Hermione answered. "But how come I never knew about this?" "Oh. That's because you're a muggle-born. Muggles are what we call non-magical people. And there are Squibs, who are born into a magical family but can't do magic. There are also blood types. Pure-bloods are people who's family generations knew how to do magic from the start. Half-bloods are when one of your parents is a pure-blood, and the other, a muggle-born." Lily answered. "Oh and one more thing, my father is the potions master at Hogwarts and head of Slytherin. There are many different subjects too. Maybe I can ask my father if I can lend you a copy of Hogwarts: A History. It's about Hogwarts." "Come down for dinner! Ask your friend if she wants to stay over!" Severus called. "Wow! Already!" Lily said, "I'll go with you to ask. It's also my birthday so maybe you can eat some cake too."


  "Thank you," Hermione said. "I had a wonderful dinner and I also got a lot of information too. Thank you for letting me borrow the book sir." Severus smiled. He had never seen a girl with such good manners. "You may come back next time. I hope to see you again." Severus said.  





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