Lily and Toby

Lily and Tobias Snape live with their father Severus Snape who is the potion master at Hogwarts. They never knew their mother, due to the fact that she had died giving birth to the twins. This is a story where you will not only see the hard side of Snape, you will also see his inner-side. Please like and comment!


2. Lily more than Toby

​  A week and a half before August 12th, when the twins would turn five years old, Severus was in his study when he thought he heard a sound coming from directly from above, which was Toby's bedroom. Toby had recently been trying to copy his sister who was reading, but couldn't. He couldn't make out all the words and got frustrated and tossed the book aside and started to cry. After all, he was a four years old. Lily was always better at things than he was. Well, actually, Lily was the genius. She had taught herself to read when she was four and a half. She had read all the books in the house that Severus let her read. She was also Severus' favorite because she looked and acted so much like Lily while Toby was like a mini Snape. It was hard to believe that they were twins. Lily had auburn hair and green eyes. Toby had thin lips, black eyes and black hair that just barely touched his shoulders. Anyway, Severus stormed into the room and found Toby sobbing. His heart immediately softened up a little. "What's wrong?" Severus asked. "I can't read," Toby answered through sobs. "That's okay. I didn't know how to read when I was your age. It's normal," Severus said. He felt a bit bad because Severus never allowed the twins to go out because he was busy and could not leave them unattended outside. Therefore, neither of the twins had any friends and since the twins had never talked to another kid their own age, they didn't have anyone to compare to except themselves. "You'll learn to read a year later," Severus added. 

​   **********

​  "Happy birthday!" Severus said on the morning of the twin's fifth birthday. He had tried his best to make birthdays fun, but since they hadn't made any friends, they didn't have anyone to invite, so even though Severus tried, it just wasn't the same. The twins tried to hide their disappointment every year because  they didn't want to upset their father. Every year, Severus and the twins went to Diagon Alley so that Severus could buy something as a birthday present. They ate lunch at Diagon Alley and then went home. Lily went to her room to read the new books she had gotten for her birthday and Toby started playing with his new toy. Severus however, went to his study to think about how he could make next year's birthday better. Maybe he could let Lily help him with potions. After all, he and Lily had both been gifted in potions so it only made sense that the twins would also be. But then again, they would be only six a year later. He sighed. At least there was a whole year to think about what he could do. He wanted to make Lily proud of how he had raised their children. However, Severus always felt a little pull, tugging his heart towards Lily. She looked the exact same of how Lily had looked when she was younger. On the other hand, Toby was a lot like himself when he was little but without greasy hair. Severus hated how he looked when he was younger. He just hoped that next year would be a bit more exciting.

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