Not As It Seems

Jenny Sweethouse currently moved from Lawton, Oklahoma, and enrolled in a middle school. But when a boy supposing to be her mentor starts unraveling more secrets about herself, she is starting to have second thoughts about her new home...


3. the truth, part 1


Just as she was about to tell me the secret to unlock this mystery, Grandma came in and said "Time for supper, Jenny."
​ "Just look up Ally Klacksman, it will tell you everything," she said, and walked off the stairs.



*                *                          *                       *                             *                      *                           *                         *


"Morning, J." Matt greeted me at the door unexpectedly and surprisingly, and I was mad at him enough.
​"Yeah, hey, Matt," and I started off the hall without him.
​"Hey, I could already tell somethings bothering you. What is it?" He touched my shoulder slightly, while still turned around. I shrugged it off and continued to walk.
​"Oh, somethings following ​me, I know that." I was still walking, seeing if he would get the hint.
​"Jenny, I'm just trying to help," Matt said, trying to catch up with me.
​"Do I remind you of her?" I said, stopping, but not facing him.
"Of who?"
​"Ally!" Then I turned around and pushed him.
​"Where is she?" I yelled. I didn't want to make a fool of myself, but I had to do this for the sake of me and my whole town.
​He looked seriously offended. "Who the heck is ​Ally?"
​ Fine then. If he wasn't going to admit Ally, I will.
"She went missing in 2014 because of some deviant stalker." I glared at him.
​ He smiled a sigh of relief, like he knew this was coming.
"Did Karla tell you this?" He asked with a smile on his face.
"Did Karla tell you this?"
​"This is not a joke!" I said. I pushed him even more.
​"Look, Karla tries to scare everyone that's new here. Don't listen to her. She has a wild imagination."
​ I looked offended. "B-but why did she have to pick you?" I said more quietly now.
​"The girl hates my guts. All of her buddies do." Matt looked proud of himself.
"What about Ms. Ester? Why did she say to stay away from you?"
​"She worries about everybody. I've been to visit the principle once or twice, and she is always there. Knowing."
Should I believe him? Or should I not?


At lunchtime, instead of sitting next to Matt, I sat next to Karla. It was pretty fun. We traded home lunches and talked about home.
​ I finally put in the courage and ask her, "Were you lying about what happened? You know, what you told me yesterday?"
​"Did you see it on the internet?" She took a bite of Grandma's pie.
"Yeah, it said everything I need to know."
​"The internet doesn't lie, Sister Jenny," Karla said, smacking her lips. "What has been said is said."
​"Yeah, I figured. Ms. Ester told my it's best to stay away from him."
​"Ms. Ester was Ally's grandmother," Karla said, taking a huge bite of pie. "Ms. Ester was 1 out of 100 that said Matt did it."
"Why would peope think Matt did it?"
​"Matt was uncontrollably in love with Ally. Everyone could tell. They believed so hard, there was a split between the whole school."
"What split?"
"Matt did it, Joseph did it. It was a whole equal people debate."
"Which side were you on?"
​"Matt's side. Matt's family, friends, and good knowing people were on Joseph's side. They thought Joseph did it, and everybody else in the school thought Matt did it."
"Well, how did the debate stop?"
​"Bigger news popped up that the Mayor, Ally's dad, had recently died. We all made peace and put everything in the past behind us." She licked her fingers after she finished Grandma's pie.
​"When did this all end?" I wanted to finish this conversation so I can eat. My tummy growled. I haven't touched one piece of food from my bag.
​"Last year," Karla said. She moved to my double turkey sandwich.
​ My eyes bugged out. ​Last year?
​ "If this all just happened last year, then--"
​"Yep," She said. "Matt's still a bad boy."



 I jumped on my computer. It was nighttime. Grandma and Delores were already asleep, so I had no problems to buzz into my business.
​ " What is there exactly to put into words?" I whispered to myself. Then I knew it.
'​Joseph VS. Matt: Debate middle school'. I clicked on the very first site and read:


 ​After the incident of Ally Klacksman, people are beginning to wonder what really happened.
"Maybe they're both into the dirty scheme," says one student, who refuses to go on either sides.
​After many months of silence, Mayor Klacksman has finally got a chance to speak out to the public world.
​ "People of California, we all know that I silently have been trying to deal with the pain, but we also all know that it just can't go away. Ally was the only thing that I could ever have, and I couldn't imagine what kind of heart someone would have, taking the kind mayors daughter away from him."
​ But, the king still rivals for dealing with depression. He believes that his daughter will be found.


​ A tiny tear slipped down my cheek. I couldn't see how Matt could live with such a secret like that. Why couldn't he just confront himself? Why did he have to cause a town commotion like this? I pulled my black hair behind my ear. Now I didn't feel safe anymore. Ms. Ester says it, Karla says it, the internet says it. All because something big, and Matt still tends to deny it. No matter how hard it takes, I have to stop this. Now. Tomorrow will be a new day.








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