Not As It Seems

Jenny Sweethouse currently moved from Lawton, Oklahoma, and enrolled in a middle school. But when a boy supposing to be her mentor starts unraveling more secrets about herself, she is starting to have second thoughts about her new home...


5. she knows, part 1

​ I hid in my den and sharpened my army knife. She knows now. It's not safe for her here anymore. It was never safe for her in the first place. Not for poor Ms. Ester, not for Cassandra, not even for Ally. I shall now hide her anywhere else but here. Soon, Jenny will expose what she knows and the police will continue their search for Ally, supposedly checking my den.
​I will leave town tomorrow, Friday, and dump her in the woods. Nobody will find her there. The only people that goes in the woods are huntsmen, and they will possibly raise her on her own, probably not recognizing her face.
​ Ally has been too much anyway. She always complains how she's living in my den, and I always chain her to the inside doors to shut her up. She wants her freedom. Now is the time to give it to her.
​ I went to check on Ally, who was staring at the wall sadly.
"You will leave, starting tomorrow morning," I said to her unfaithly.
She looked up at me with hopeful tears in her eyes. "Really? I finally get to leave this place?"
​ I nodded my head. "I will lock you in a body bag and you will not come out until you know that you are in the woods. You can go anywhere in the world but here, or anywhere in California."
​ If I allowed her to hug me she would've. But instead she just continued to stare at the wall with hope in her eyes saying 'I'm finally getting out of this dump!"
​For me reading her true thoughts I locked her in chains and tied her to the inside door until morning. Then I set off to my journey. I went as far as I could go that would only take me a day to get there. It was Oregon. I dumped her in the nearest empty road next to the woods, and tumbled her down with my foot. She grunted and groaned as the rocks hit her body hard. I wiped my hands on my sleeve and walked to the car to go farther into Oregon. What's done is done.

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