Not As It Seems

Jenny Sweethouse currently moved from Lawton, Oklahoma, and enrolled in a middle school. But when a boy supposing to be her mentor starts unraveling more secrets about herself, she is starting to have second thoughts about her new home...


8. Out of town, part 2



                                                        ​Jenny's POV


 I sighed and straightened my hair, mad at experiencing the ruckus that I had been through. After I told Grandma where I'm going, she begged me to stay. Since I was too heartbroken to tell her what Dad told me, I lied and said I was going to be staying there for a few days, just to steal Delores back. She begged and tugged and pulled and even ripped my shirt a little, but I still refused to stay. I did not want her to abuse me the way she did to Delores, and I was still a little disappointed. Not angry, just disappointed. But I still loved my Grandma. Maybe not Dad, but still Grandma. 
​ A surprise awaited for me on Market Street. I saw a familiar blue van next to me, and a familiar handsome face.
He had one hand on the steering wheel while the other was laid back on his seat.
Did Matt just come from out of town? ​Why? Why would he want to leave San Francisco? There was no event he told me about...
​ I courageously knocked on his window as hard as I could to get his attention. Luckily, his music wasn't all the way up, and when he saw me, I ignored his shocked face and motioned for him to park at the gas station across the street.
​ Once we parked there, I got out of the car and pushed against his door so he wouldn't get out.
​"What heck are you doing here?" I whisper shouted.
​"Me?" Matt said surprisingly. "I should be asking you the same question. Were you trying to follow me?"
​"No!" I said, looking as shocked as he did. Unless he's up to something, why would he think I would be following him?
​"Just face it, Little Jenny," He said. "you can't hide the fact that your irresistibly and uncontrollably in love with me."
"Where'd you get that, Twilight?​" I yelped. "Why would I follow you? I'm going out of town to see my father. Now that I told you my excuse, what's yours?"
"Should I really ​have to tell, you, Little Jenny?" Matt said.
​"Yes! And don't call me Little Jenny!" I grabbed his shirt. "Where were you?"
​"Slow your roll, Sweethouse!" He yelled. He pulled my hand away and smoothed out his shirt. "You know, for your last name, your not much of a nice girl."
​ "You know, you're really good at hiding stuff," I said, calming down a bit. "Now, what's in the car?"
"Who's on your mind?"
​"I don't have time for games, Evely," I growled. "Now what's in the car?"





                                                    ​Matt's POV


 Oh, no, ​I thought. ​She's onto me, what am I supposed to do? Then I had no choice, even if she believed me or not.
​  I pulled out my knife, gun, and rope and showed it all to her.
​"What the--" Jenny started.
​ "Its... for protection," I hesitated. I held my breath, waiting for her response.
​"Hmm, okay, Evely, i'll let you go this time," she said, and got in her car and sped off.
​ I blew a sigh of relief. That was a close one.



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