Not As It Seems

Jenny Sweethouse currently moved from Lawton, Oklahoma, and enrolled in a middle school. But when a boy supposing to be her mentor starts unraveling more secrets about herself, she is starting to have second thoughts about her new home...


2. Home Sweet Home, part 2

 Lunch. There were so many seats taken and so little seats. Some people were sitting next to their friends on floors, while others sneakily disappeared outside on the porch to snack on their lunch. I found it a good thing I brung my own lunch. That way I don't have to wait at the end of the line and cause some bad things to happen to my lunch, like wait till the end of lunchtime or let every single one of the seats and floor seats be taken.
​ Once I settled on the floor, was the time I caught Matt waving to get my attention. I stood up and walked to him. He was sitting at a table labled 'discipline table'. I then hesitated.
​"Did... you get in trouble?" I said, still standing in the middle of the floor like a goof.
​ "There are too many seats here taken," Matt said, waving me over still.
​ I sat down across from him. "Aren't you afraid that people would think you did something bad?" I couldn't help but ask that question. Maybe it would explain why Ms. Ester said to stay away from Matt.
​"Trust me, Jenny Sweethouse, if I did something bad in the cafeteria, I'm pretty sure somebody would've noticed me by now." He took a bite of his tuna sandwich and ran his fingers together.
​ "But, what if people think I'm bad?" I said, pointing to myself in worry. Whatever the reason he is bad, I don't wanna be involved in his business.
​"Well, don't you want people to think you're bad?" Matt said, taking another bite.
​"Why would I want people to think I'm bad?" I said suspiciously. Is this a trap?
​"Well, you're the new girl," he said as if I should know this already. "usually the girls want the attention, turning either popular evil, or just... evil."
​"But what about the guys?" I said suspiciously. "what do they do to get the attention?"
​He took a third bite before speaking. "Well, usually, they just flirt with the girls, or, to get the best, you'll pull up on a few stunts." He put his milk to his mouth to take a sip.
"Have you tried a stunt or two?" I said, crossing my arms.
​"Are you accusing me as bad?" he pointed to himself and gasped playfully.
​ I scowled at him, angry for not knowing the answer. I should have the right to know the answer, and I will know. I will find out.

​*                    *                      *                       *                       *                              *                               *                   *


 I stood outside, watching the rain go away. The birds were singing, not in a pretty way, but a safe way to know that the rain will be over.​ I saw a girl in a blue raincoat walking to me. I panicked. Was I supposed to be talking to her?
"Hey, sorry to bother you, but are you the new girl from my school?" She said.
​"Yeah, my name Jenny. Jenny Sweethouse."
​"Oh. My names Karla Vivis. Hey, why were you sitting with that guy yesterday?"
​ "Oh, you mean Matt?" I said.
"Uh huh," She said. She looked like she wanted to tell me something really bad.
​"Is something the matter?" I said as politely as I could.
​ "Yeah, its just--" she hesitated. "not to break up your little bond, or anything, but rumors heard that Matt has done some... things in the past, definitely not good things, and that kids should have no contact with him whatsoever."
​ First Ms. Ester, now her? Maybe this move wasn't such a good idea...
​ "Did you stick around long enough to know what he did?" I said desperately.
​ "Some are rather not appropriate, but others are scary and devious, still rather not appropriate to say."
​"But I need to know," I said. "Look, he's my mentor all year, and I don't want to get involved in his mischievous troubles. So please, let me know." I took her hand. I felt like a huge jerk for using her, but I have to know what was going on in this town.
​ "If we weren't in school, then I wouldn't be telling you this," she said. "but--" my luck was about to begin.





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