Not As It Seems

Jenny Sweethouse currently moved from Lawton, Oklahoma, and enrolled in a middle school. But when a boy supposing to be her mentor starts unraveling more secrets about herself, she is starting to have second thoughts about her new home...


1. Home Sweet Home, part 1

Everything is going to be alright. ​I stepped through the heavy pushed doors and walked on the squeaky tile floors. I looked at my watch and waited. 3 minutes late. What could be taking him so long? I looked around the new school. It was white. All​ white. The floor was white, the lockers were white, the walls were white. I was white. I blended right in.
​"Looking for me, I presume?" said a husky male voice.
​I jumped and whirled around. Matt was standing right in front of me. My black hair whipped in his face, now some in his mouth. Matt pulled it out.
​"You were supposed to wait for me down that hall over there." He pointed a long finger all the way down the hall, where there were many, many doors.
"Do you honestly think I would walk all the way down there?" I huffed, crossing my arms.
​"As your tour guide, I was instructed to make sure you follow the rules." He then leaned down to kiss me. I pushed him away.
​ "Not ready yet, huh?" He scoffed. "okay, fine." He started ahead of me to walk down the hall.
​ I groaned and speeded towards him. "I'm sorry I hurt your feelings, okay?" I said carelessly. "I barely know you. Who knows what you would've done during that kiss?"
​He rubbed his black hair down the scalp. "That's okay, anyway. I got a girlfriend."
​We walked down and down the hall in awkward silence. After many awkward moments, we finally pushed through the door beside where I was supposed to wait for Matt. A lady in gray hair was typing slowly on the computer.
"Ms. Ester?" Matt said. He gestured a meaty hand to me
​ "Miss Sweethouse?" Ms. Ester said very loudly. I nodded my head very slowly. She motioned her hands for me to come here.
​"You may go to class now, Mister Evely," She said clearly to him. He gave me a halfhearted wave and trudged out the door.
​I stepped up to her desk and waited quietly for directions. She rummaged through a fat stack of yellow envelopes, and finally, gave me one. She held it out to me, and carefully placed it in my open hands.
​"Thank you," I whispered nicely. But as I tried to leave, she grabbed my left arm and leaned over the desk and to my ear, as if to tell me a secret.
​ "It's best if you stay away from Matt," She whispered in a shaky voice.
​She smiled as she sat down and typed on her computer. "Your class is fourth period, Miss Sweethouse," She said, as if nothing had happened.
​I waved nervously goodbye to her, and pushed through the doors. What was going on? I mean, Matt seemed like a nice guy. Why would I stay away from him? But then, again, he tried to kiss​ a stranger. But other than that, he wasn't very disrespectful at all. Why would that lady say that, though, if he wasn't that bad? Well, she's more wiser than me, and she has been in this school longer than me. Maybe he was trying for me. Just maybe.



*            *                *                    *                      *                    *                        *                     *                       *


I stepped into first period. Social studies. My least favorite subject. A guy looking about in his twenties was pointing to something on the board with a long stick.
​When the door slammed shut, everybody turned around to look at my face. So did the social studies teacher. Normally, well, at my old middle school, if everybody turned around to look at a new student, the teacher would snap their attention. But not  this one. Not this time. He just turned to me and smiled politely.
​ "I give you good welcome, Miss Sweethouse," He said smoothly. Then he went back to his blackboard, leaving me to find out where I sit.
I looked around for empty seats, but there weren't any exept for a tiny one next to the window. Ugh, I hate window seats.​ I moved quietly to the seat and leaned down so nobody could see what I look like.
​Everybody turned, anyway. They all stared at me with curious smiles. One girl gave me a nasty look, as if she didn't want me here. I rolled my eyes at her and payed attention to the board.
​George Washington defeated two battles: Trenton and Princeton. Do you think he wanted to fight and kill people? No. But he had to. It was the sake of himself and his town."
​ "But Mr. Jake, what if you want to start a war?" said the girl that gave me a nasty look. She gave me another scold as she folded her arms.
​ "Well, then, Veronica, you'll have to sign a treaty with the head, declaring that this is a real war," he said. Then Veronica took out a piece of paper and started scribbling something quickly.




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