Pretty Little Liars-The End of The Beginning

It is Summer in Rosewood and Spencer, Aria, Emily, Ali and Hanna are back but this time it is 15 years later… The girls have grown up and moved on with their lives but little do they know that A is back and this time it’s their children stuck in the middle of this mess! Expect the unexpected when PLL has a twist (like always), when is it going to stop!
A new adventure with the all new cast, Tiara, Paige, Shirin, Nithmi and Rihanna, these families can never stay out of trouble especially when they find out that there’s a new A in town, the girls start to realize that history is repeating itself!


5. Oopsie DAisie

Tiara POV


“MUM! Where is my blue jacket?” Tiara shouted across the hall


“I don’t know why don’t you check in the washing machine? Oh, and I want you out of the house I’m meeting Aria, Spence, Em and Ali they’re coming over to talk about something serious, OK?” Tiara’s mum (Hanna Marin) replied.


"Whatever!” Tiara answered.


It was Rihanna’s turn to hold the monthly sleepover and Tiara was getting ready, she had to have an amazing outfit, it was her first time having a sleepover at Rihanna’s house and she was told they would be home alone and she knew something amazing was about to happen. The girls had decided they needed to have some fun since lately all they’ve been doing was worrying about A and who he/she might confide all of their secrets to, at first she thought it was nothing, but then she found out that Paige, Nithmi and Shirin got them as well.


Tiara sat on her bed staring at her closet ‘there was literally nothing for her to wear in her closet.


Suddenly she heard the front door slam shut and she heard muffled voices she crept down the stairs and sat herself down on the third stair and listened.


“Now I know this is probably someone just messing with us but I looked on Tiara’s phone and she’s been getting A texts and so have all of your children” Hanna murmured quietly


“Well I saw a text from A on Nithmi’s phone too, but this time we are not going to let this person mess with us or our children again!” Emily said.


“Yeah, well before we jump to any conclusions what did all your texts say again?” Aria said.


For a few seconds nobody spoke Tiara could see all of her friends mums looking down. What was going on? Did they get A texts when they were young too? And if  they did why didn’t her mum say anything about it? Tiara thought to herself.  


“Guys I I feel like our daughters are turning into you us I mean Shirin has started liking her teacher Mr Carter, well that's what the A text had to do with!” Aria said confidently


“And Nithmi has started liking girls, maybe it runs in the family?” Emily said.


Suddenly Hanna’s phone let out a loud ‘beep’ and Hanna reached down to check it she then showed the message to all of the other girls they gasped.


“Oh no! Look guys I think we should take this to the police!” Spencer said.


Tiara leaned outwards to see what the text said could it be from A? she thought to herself.


Then she heard the back door click shut they had obviously gone outside to continue their conversation. She crept up to Hanna’s phone to read the message:


TO: Hanna’s Phone


Want to know what’s happening? History is repeating itself. I wouldn’t tell the police or all of your daughters little secrets will be told to the world.


Did you miss me? A.

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