Pretty Little Liars-The End of The Beginning

It is Summer in Rosewood and Spencer, Aria, Emily, Ali and Hanna are back but this time it is 15 years later… The girls have grown up and moved on with their lives but little do they know that A is back and this time it’s their children stuck in the middle of this mess! Expect the unexpected when PLL has a twist (like always), when is it going to stop!
A new adventure with the all new cast, Tiara, Paige, Shirin, Nithmi and Rihanna, these families can never stay out of trouble especially when they find out that there’s a new A in town, the girls start to realize that history is repeating itself!


2. Life at PeAce

Nithmi POV

Beep! Beep! Beep!


The alarm clock was ringing as loud as it could ring. Nithmi screamed in annoyance.


“Shut up!!!” She yelled.


Obviously, the alarm clock did not listen. Instead it answered with more beeping noises.


Nithmi groaned, she knew who was going to win this battle, and it wasn’t going to be her.


“Fine,” she said to herself, “I’ll get up.”


It was a school day, but of course she wasn’t actually going to go to school. She was going to hang out with her friends, it was Rihanna’s idea of course, everything Rihanna says, they do. She controls them, and they follow. They don’t even notice, it just comes naturally.


Her mum, Emily, enters the room. “Sweety, it’s school, you have to hurry up and get dressed.” She says. “By the way, no skipping school today, I don’t want to have another discussion with the principal talking about how I’m not a responsible parent.”


“That’s because you’re not.” Nithmi mutters under her breath.


Emily just rolled her eyes and walked out of the room stubbornly.


Until Nithmi was positive that her mum was out of the house, she jumped up and ran to her closet wondering what amazing secrets it beholds.


Once she finished picking out her perfect outfit her phone buzzed.


“It must be Rihanna.” She told herself.


She carefully picked up her phone and flicked through her new messages.


It wasn’t Rihanna.


It was unknown, literally, she had no idea who sent it but all she knew is that she didn’t want to meet this person in real life.


It said: Ready to leave? I’m waiting. A.


Maybe it was just Rhianna with a new nickname. It’s probably nothing Nithmi told herself.


She grabbed her bag and left the room in peace, she ran down the spiraled stairs and made her way out of the house.

She didn’t want Rihanna screaming screaming at her again because she was late. Last time it gave her a screaming headache.


She closed the front door and went off to meet her friends.




She got there in no time at all. She finally met up with her friends after a whole summer.


Everyone in the group was there: Shirin, Tiara, Paige and of course Rihanna.


“Glad you could finally make it.’ Rihanna blurted with her arms crossed.


“Sorry, lost track of time.” Nithmi apologized.


“No worries, we didn’t wait that long.” Tiara answered.


Rihanna gave her a death glare but Tiara ignored (which was the first, no one ever ignores Rihanna’s death glares).


“Well, we don’t have all day, Rihanna where do you want to go?” Shirin asked. They always had to ask Rihanna where she wanted to go or else things would get hectic.


“Now that I think about it, I want to go back to school! It’s the first day and that means boyfriends and cute ex’s.” Rihanna said.


Everyone else hesitated, well that is except Paige who screamed in joy “Yay! Finally, I’ve been waiting for this moment.”


They all laughed and decided to swing by Rosewood High. At least I can catch up on some gossip Nithmi thought but was still unsure. The ‘A’ text was creeping her out, last time she checked she didn’t know anyone named ‘A’. But, she flicked that thought away and carried on talking to her friends. What she didn’t realize was that this year was going to be a rough one.


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