Pretty Little Liars-The End of The Beginning

It is Summer in Rosewood and Spencer, Aria, Emily, Ali and Hanna are back but this time it is 15 years later… The girls have grown up and moved on with their lives but little do they know that A is back and this time it’s their children stuck in the middle of this mess! Expect the unexpected when PLL has a twist (like always), when is it going to stop!
A new adventure with the all new cast, Tiara, Paige, Shirin, Nithmi and Rihanna, these families can never stay out of trouble especially when they find out that there’s a new A in town, the girls start to realize that history is repeating itself!


9. CAn't get AwAy

Tiara POV


Tiara walked down the hall in a rush towards her homeroom. All of a sudden she bumped into someone… someone tall with brown messy hair.


“Oh! Sorry!” Tiara apologized.


“That’s ok. I’m a clumsy person.” Tiara finally recognised him, he was Noel Kahn’s son, Jacob. Her mum Hanna and Noel went to school with each other.


“I haven’t seen you around a lot, is it Tiara are you the one who lives on Print Street?” Jacob asked.


Tiara hesitated for a second how did he know so much about me? she thought to herself.


“Um, yeah I do live their, but how do you know that?” Tiara asked nervously.


“Don’t worry, I’m not a stalker. Our mums are kind of like friends and you live just down the road from me.” Jacob stated.


Tiara didn’t remember seeing him around at all, especially if they were living on the same street… hmm. Tiara waved Jacob


goodbye and continued down the hall thinking about this mysterious Jacob. How did this person know so much about me?

Could he be A? No. You’re just overreacting. She thought.


Finally it was 4:30, Tiara fiddled with her hands nervously waiting for Shirin, Nithmi, Paige and Megha to come, they were

going to a cafe to talk, the 3 girls (not Rihanna) had secretly agreed that they trusted Megha in fact they needed her help to find

out who A really is. Interrupting her thoughts, all the other girls arrived.


“Hey everyone!” Tiara said pleasantly.


“Hi, so what’s this all about and where’s Rihanna?” Megha questioned.


“Rihanna’s not coming, we need your help.” Tiara said.


Megha looked at the three girls suspiciously.


“What is it?” she asked.


“I think it’s best if we just show you.” Shirin replied.


Nithmi and Paige took out their phones and showed her the messages from ‘A’, hoping that they don’t freak Megha out.


“Who is this A?” Megha asked cautiously.


Paige, Tiara, Nithmi and Shirin all looked at one another waiting for someone to start explaining, Tiara let it all out and started

discussing this ‘A’ guy.


Finally Megha was all up to date and the girls all walked home.


Tiara continued to turn around expecting Rihanna to turn up even though Rihanna had no idea what they were doing. The girls

then separated to go back to their own homes, as Tiara walked home she saw two people in black hoodies with their backs

turned to her. That’s weird, what in the world are they doing? Tiara thought to herself as she walked closer to the two people,

she saw they held brightly coloured spray can and ran towards them. Just as she got a good view of the graffiti the two people

ran off.


“Hey!” Tiara shouted.


Once they were gone she turned back to the graffiti and nearly fainted at what she saw.


Can you keep a secret? I can’t. A.


She read the writing over and over and over again until it started to make perfect sense. The two people in hoodies must've

been A. She was just about to run home and call her friends when suddenly two police cars sped round the corner while

stopping just in front of her. They jumped out of the car as fast as they could, took out their guns and pointed them at Tiara.

Tiara didn’t even move, she was scared stiff, shocked if you want to put it that way.


“Put your hands in the air you are under arrest for vandalism!”


Hey guys, have you found out who 'A' is? Comment who you think it is and like this story. Thank you for all the views!!! Love you guys!

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