Violette thought she got away once but that was not the end.


1. The start

All I felt was pain. I could not think straight and there was nothing I could do. He looked at me with fearful eyes because he knew what was going to happen to him if he was ever caught. To think I ever loved him and felt feelings for this psychopath. If I was ever saved from this hell I could never come back to Cold Spring without feeling scared. My throat felt scratchy and I It was couldn’t say a word without feeling more pain. To be honest you are probably wondering what is happening so let me start from the beginning where it all started.

It was senior year and I Violette Newlyn had just moved to Cold Spring, Minnesota. It was my first day and I didn’t know anyone. I sat by myself in the lunchroom on a random table. Starting to eat my sandwich I felt something wet and sticky on my hair and shocked I stood up.” I am so sorry I didn’t mean to. I just tripped and could not get a hold of my smoothie in time.” A tall blond girl said. She was very pretty and had bright blue eyes unlike me who had plain brown eyes and was very short.” Its fine I can wash it off.” I say. “I don’t think I have seen you around, are you new my name is Sandra”. “Yeah I just moved here. My name is Violette”. The bell rings so we say goodbye and go our separate ways.

 I quickly go to the restroom and wash my hair trying to get the pink smoothie out. By the time, I get to my classroom I am ten minutes late and feel very embarrassed. The teacher realizes I have arrived and asks for my name.” My name is Violette Newlyn.” I tell her shyly.”Students please give a big welcome to our new student Violette” everyone looked me and all I wanted to do is sit down. Mrs. Morgan, the teacher tells me where to sit and I immediately sat down. I felt a pencil poking my back. When I turned around I saw a handsome boy with dark brown hair. "Excuse but can you please stop" I asked him. "Are you talking to me" he replied. " Yes can you please stop". " No I will not stop". He continued to do this getting me more and more infuriated. Class ended which was a relief. I went home where my parents were not at they shunned me once I fell in love with him. It is true parents know best.

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