everything going on in my life(not a storie

hey guys this is a thing im deciding to whrite you can read it it`s baisycaly everything going on in my life


1. may 30 2017

today was the last day of camp i din't go and my friend had to stay over for two days cause she din't go too and her dad works so yea a fun day but i got some bad news i now have to deal with getting my cane corso shadow (male) uthanized ive had him since i was 2 and now im 11 but he did have a bad start in life his old owners kept beating him up that's why we got him in such poor condition skinny he had worms everything we don't want out dog to have but he is about 10 now and he's gonna need to go soon and that's why i can't update alot and cuz of school but pleasd understand it's a hard turn in life he can't even go down and up the stairs outside without falling it's his time ill keep you updated on my life in this storie thanks for suport advise everything bye *cries* i don't want my dog to leave me this soon 😢

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