the NOT so normal girl



Yeah, I used to love coffee but that changed recently. I don’t know… maybe because I’m beginning to lose sleep at night or that is just a normal reaction to my excessive over thinking lately.


Oh shoot! I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Susan, 22 years old, that’s what they say but I’m pretty sure I look younger than that! Gosh! What to say next?! I always had a lot of trouble when I have to talk about myself not like I don’t have a big mouth! Maybe because I don’t get too much time standing in front of the mirror and do this stupid thing most girls waste their time doing nowadays.


So, I'm supposed to be at college, I live in a shitty studio on Eagle’s Street, I think I have a roommate but I barely see her. This morning I had this crazy idea to change my hairstyle but obviously I spend all afternoon crying and blaming myself. I think it’s getting a little more clear why most people call me “the drama bitch” but I really don’t have a clue what I’m doing with my life.


My father left the house 2 years ago, yeah that’s sad. He clearly got sick of all my mom’s lies and stories. I don’t understand what suddenly came up, they used to be the perfect couple on our neighborhood but not all that glitters is gold. Okay? Did I just said that? Well… They say people change, but… okay really now I need to stop.


Anyway, let me tell you another story that hopefully will be less sadder. Last summer I decided to start taking tango classes and I was pretty good at it too. And one time this instructor from a big Latin dance company saw me performing and long story short… 3 days later, they decided to offer me a job! But (yes there is of course always a but) Jason Graham happened… a boy. Not just a boy, well “the boy”, oh I was just crazy about him and thought that was gonna last forever… so, I passed on the job and 2 months later, he dumped me for Sarah Hanley and a month after that I got into a car accident, messed up my knee and… well you know the rest.


Don’t be shocked! My mom always used to tell me that if I trust someone completely, I’ll either get a person for life or a lesson for life! So that wasn’t bad, not so bad! I’ll give you the right now to say I’m pathetic but I’m kinda serious about something, finally once in my life!

Today, like every day, I woke up not so excited but I can’t say I wasn’t worried, why? Maybe because I signed up for an interview for that Britt’s or whatever company across the street. I brushed my teeth, put on the most ridiculous costume in my wardrobe with those terribly painfully pair of shoes and struggled towards the door like a big hero on her last day of triumph.


In the middle of my great delusional walk of fame, I basically shut the door behind me while forgetting my keys inside. I took my phone to discover that the battery was dying! Don’t you hate this moment when you thought your phone was charging all night long but eventually it wasn’t plugged in! I turned my back to the wall and dived into that long blank stare which was suddenly interrupted by a familiar voice, it was Anna, my roomy or shall I call her now my life savior! She called some guy who clearly had zero experience with… anything! He literally practiced all his karate skills on that poor door which ended up next to my bed! I really didn’t have the time to deal with this nonsense especially when I was already late to my appointment.



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