About a family that are withes McKayla is a teen-age that think now one likes her. and her parents what to kill her, because she has Beck-With Wiedemann. but has to take care of her three sister. Because Kate burn down there house. They don't know where or if they parents are alive. Are they parents alive and is Mckayla crazy.


2. two

Once we were train and ready, we went in this wonderful car, that Maddie had invented. There were rockets to make the car to go fast. This was the first time we let the twins come with us. Mother always said “this is where moments happen”. The rocket car had computer for all of us. Which can’t be open without are DNA or are fingerprint. They was also a lot of guns and weapons that can’t be open without one of the family’ finger on the tegar.  Maddie did an amazing job on the rocket car. She built ten of rocket cars, just incase anything happens. We took off to go find food and help anyone who was attack by these crazy evil witch.               

    When we were driving, two witches were throwing dark black fire balls at us. I went on foot to follow  the witches, well Maddie was  teaching  the twins to work the rocket car so, she can come help me follow them. As I was running, I got hit by one of the fire balls. I srecem for Maddie. She  came running but,  before she could got to there a third random witch pick me up and took me inside her house. Maddie started to yell” Mckayla, Mckayla, Mckayla, where are you”. Maddie look every inch of the forest looking for me, but there was a spell on the house so that only a good witch can see the house.


    Inside the house, she said,” your name is McKayla you are thithteen and you are ready good at baking, and working the computer”. “How did you know that”, I said. “I’ll tell you later, my name is Zoey and I am a good witch,”she said with a gentle voice. I said” I need to find my sister, Maddie,  Zoey will you help me”? Zoey said,” yes, they just outside they don’t see the house. But, when you go outside you can see the house,but not them”. “Why can I see it, but not them”, I said.  Because your a witch yourself that’s how I know your name”, she told me with a smile. “ I can be a witch my parents were not a witch.” You mom was she didn’t tell you, because she didn’t want anyone to hurt you and your sisters. Your sister’s don’t need to know yet, but when they're at least thithteen you will need to tell them about you parents. Let's go, McKayla”, said Zoey. We went to outside where I found Maddie and the twins.


   “Everyone get in attack mood. We will shoot anyone who come out or  say the password and you will not get shot”,  Maddie yelled. “McKayla,Mckayla”, Zoey and I yelled coming out with are hands up.” “Everyone, this is Zoey, she is a good witch, she help me. Maddie, just incase gave me the two risk bands. That will not let me or her uses are power’s on you. Thank you”, I said as gave she gave  a risk bands. Maddie said” McKayla, how do you have powers”. I will tell you when we get home and I get some to rest”, I told them.


  When we got back home, told told the twins to go to there room so I can talk to Zoe and Maddie. “Maddie, mom was a witch, but we don’t need to tell the twins. I will not uses my powers for evil. I will have the risk band on at all time, but when I am with Zoey and when she is training me to control my powers. I will have it off”, I said. Then Maddie said” okay, but we can’t tell the girls, about mother. And when the twin are around you have to have the risk band on”. At dinner, I told them “my powers where the only way to save me, girls”. They understood, well i hope they did. Then,we all had a wonderful diner and went to bed.



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