About a family that are withes McKayla is a teen-age that think now one likes her. and her parents what to kill her, because she has Beck-With Wiedemann. but has to take care of her three sister. Because Kate burn down there house. They don't know where or if they parents are alive. Are they parents alive and is Mckayla crazy.


1. one


       We were a happy four people family (mom, dad,maddie, me), into Emma and Julia  were born. It wasn’t the twins, who disturbed my family. It was somebody, that had  dark  magical powers.  Her name was Kate, she hated my parents. Kate’s, mother was a evil witch, she didn’t want to follow her mother, but her powers were too strong to become good. Her genes contain all dark magic she didn’t have one gene of good magic. She was the evilest witch in the west.


      The day after the twin were born, she attack are family. My mother gave me Julia and gave Maddie, Emma. Mother said “ run, run, run, don’t stop till you get there, I love you”. Kate wanted

one of the baby's. So she killed my parents. Well, that what I think she burned down the house.


     Kate burned down every house looking for babys, every other baby she found she made them evil. She was growing an army of witches. But, the thing she wanted most was the twins she look every inch of the world, but never can’t find them.


       Mother had this safe place, she said “don’t let anyone, but are family come in”.


      We were underground, that was where the safe house was, she never looked there. We were all very talented, Maddie was very awesome inventor she made the cool stuff, I was  awesome on the computer, Julia was a crazy good at  gymnastics, and last but not less, Emma was the best at everything she tried to do. We all like helping people form these witches. We ran like a wolf finding food. We join all together to fight every witch that tried to hart us.  


     We train and train the twins all day and night. To make sure we can save people for them. We never told the twins about their parents.To make sure they didn’t want to just go after Kate. I believe that gene doesn't make you how you are. Your make yourself evil or good it your choice not your genes. I guess Kate never understood that. Anyways that would make them evil, not nice. And we can’t have them telling her where we live. Then, Kate will just come and kill us. And do bad things to the twins.  I would have flied my mother.



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