About a family that are withes McKayla is a teen-age that think now one likes her. and her parents what to kill her, because she has Beck-With Wiedemann. but has to take care of her three sister. Because Kate burn down there house. They don't know where or if they parents are alive. Are they parents alive and is Mckayla crazy.


4. four

Then we all got up, we all eat breakfast and had a little chat about the stuff we do and when we do find people don’t tell them where we live. We have this chat everyday, to make sure that they know DON’T tell where we live. Then we went to go get are stuff for the day. We got in the van and rode off. Maddie stated” hopefully I can kill some witches today”. Julia said “can I kill one for the first time today”. If we see one today. Hopefully, we all will kill one” I stated with a broken heart.  I look at the calendar, it’s November the 18th the day my parents died in the fire.


 Every year in this day, I seek out of the house to go see the spirits. They tell what to do every month of the year but this year i can go see them. They lied to me. The told me we would be safe. But someone found out of i am. What if i trusted Zoey too much? What if she is Kate just in a different magic spell on her? I just can’t go see them.


A seconds later a big fireball was thrown at us. The twins yell out the top of the lungs. “All we want is Mckayla”, one crazy witch says. “I am okay, i go, and Maddie get the twins safe, I told them. “I am coming  out, just don’t hurt my family.” As Maddie took the twins out of the other   side.They tied me up. Then took me to the witch castle.


 They took to their dirty bear jail. I know what the wanted, but i don’t going to get it to them. “Hopefully, they get they safe”, i said to myself.  I know now that we need to tell the twins all about our parents and about Kate.


Meanwhile, Maddie took the twins to Zoe's house. We are almost there just keep walking, Julia, Maddie said to her.  Maddie said “ stay here Julia and Emma. as she walk to the invisible house and yell “ Zoey, it’s Maddie i need your help, Mckayla’s in trouble. Please will you help me”. As Zoey open the door she said” i will help you and your family, go get the twins out of the trees”. Maddie said thank you and then went to go get the twins.


“Girls i want you to meet one of Mckaylas friend, Zoey”, maddie told them. “Nice to meet you, i am Emma and this is Julia she the shy one”, stated Emma. “Hi everyone get inside before they see you”, Zoey said with fear.


“So you’re saying she got captured by the evil witch. How did this happen?  What witches was it i need to know? I was about to go tell something important. But if she dies we can’t tell her it”, said Zoey. “What the important thing, if it's something about are parents, you can tell us. We going to tell them we happen later, but now i need to know what the thing you got to tell her”, Maddie said with a cheery red face?


 “Okay, everyone come into the other room with me”, Zoey said with a smile on her face. They all walk into the room. “They want Mckayla, because her heart is the heart to make every person in the world to have their heart evil or nice, whatever they want. It’s their choice.  Kate wanted the twins, because she wanted the light in they heart. Your parents are alive. Mckayla necklace, before you change it was making sure that nobody knows about Mckayla’s heart. Now it just helping her powers. They’s something else too. Both of your parents were witches. Maddie, Julia, and Emma are you up to training your power and making them permanent, because that the only way to save Mckayla and Kate forever”. They all screamed “ yes.” Then Maddie said “ what would we save Kate, she's the evilest witch in the west”.


  “That’s not true, she my daughter. She thinks she evil but in her heart their is good, love, and nice. That what she need’s Mckayla for if she get her heart then she’ll be evil forever and i will lost her. You need my help and i need yours. Your parent told me that if you complete the mission then Mckayla will get you too you parents. But if her heart is destroyed then you loss your parents forever”, Zoey said with a dark red face. “So that why you helped Mckayla. They one thing you need to about Mckayla! She was born with a genetic deserter, call Beckwith Wiedeman. Not tell Mckayla i told you. So her power will be different, then she’ll react differently then most witches”,Maddie said with a smile. They went to the training place in the underground house. And trained all night. Just so they can save me, and get me out of this basement.



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