Batman Saves The Day At Camp

Quackery stole the camp beds and the kids have to find them before they have to go home for the summer. Not finish yet. This is a play. My first ever. So enjoy.


2. scene 2

      Scene 2

(kids walk on looking around stop at on counter)

Kid 1: Why are they not here I mean we look everywhere on camp.


Kid 2: They should be here. We need to find them. What’s a person that can find everything. With flying powers.


Kid3: Batman!!!


Kid1: Yes, but we don’t have a light to call him…


Kid 3: I  mean look right, Batman’s coming to help find them.(pointing at batman, and quackery walking  in the background)


Batman: Hey kids, I tought you need to help finding something.


Kid 2: How do you know that!....


Kid 3: Cool!!! (gave  batman a huge, batman having a gren on his face)


Kid 1: How did you get here so fast.


Batman: Well, I was flying  in the forest to find something to do and then I saw you three. I knew you were looking for something, so I wanted to help, can I.


Kids: YES!


Kid 2: We are looking for beds, someone stole them from the camp and..


Kid 1: if we don’t find them, today. Then we all will have to go home for the week and not have fun this week.


Batman: okay, let’s go work on a plan to find them.(pointing left)  We got to be ready for everything. ( kids and batman walking off stage)(counselors walk on right and quackery walks up on the left.)


Counselor 1: Can’t believe that we have to leave camp because somebody stole the beds. We both know it was quackery.


Counselor 2: He did it two years ago and we couldn’t ever find them. (walk left not looking where they're going and knock into quackery and he falls down)                                                                                                                                         


Counselor 1: Quackery, what are you doing here you're coming with us. Before, you do anything else.


Quackery: No,no not Batman!(counselors are grabbed quackery took him to the kids)(walk off left)

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