A Sinner's Future

Jaye Wolfe has had a pretty rough life. Throughout her childhood she had to deal with her mom's abuse and now in college, her depression got worse and worse everyday. Now here she is waking up after committing suicide, in an all white room with two doors. She could go to live with the demons that have chosen her as a soul tie in the world her choices have created or she can go back to her life and see what awaits her. What will she chose? Find out in A Sinner's Future.


5. Sneaking out leads to deep conversations

“Are you sure about this River? What if they get angry at us?”

River simply smiled at me reassuringly, “It’ll be fine! Nothing bad’s going to happen! We’re just going to the market world so I can introduce you to a friend of mine!”

I bit my lip in hesitation, “But Marsh specifically said I shouldn’t go to the market world without him or Haven.”

She rolled her eyes, “Come on! Have a little fun! You said you wanted to go out and I’ll be there the whole time!”

I sighed weighing my options. It’s very true that I wanted to go out, while this place was nice I was starting to go a little crazy from staying in it for so long. But Marsh was very worried about me going to the market world for some reason. I wasn’t exactly sure why. When I asked about it he seemed hesitant to tell me.

River gave me a teasing smile, “Unless… you’re too chicken.”

I growled at her, “I am not chicken!”

She smirked reaching her hand out to me using the other to motion to the portal in front of us, “Prove it.”

I looked at her hand before glancing back to the house. Marsh and Haven were still sleeping since it was the weekend… They probably won’t even notice we’re gone.

I looked at her again and nodded grabbing her hand, “Let’s go before they wake up.”

She cheered before pulling me gently into the portal. We walked through the shimmering light coming out in a short hallway of other portals.

“Every demon family has a set hallway that houses all the basic portals and the ones people have invited them to,” River quickly explained as she led me to a green colored portal.

We walked in and ended up in a large bustling town. I immediately moved closer to River out of nervousness.

She immediately took notice, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” I replied instantly with a fake smile.

She frowned, “You know I can sense your fear right? It’s pointless to lie.”

I sighed tightening my grip on her hand, “Okay, so maybe I’m a little afraid. I’m so used to being in a small space with just you, Marsh, and Haven. T-This place is a lot bigger than our little world.”

She smiled at me softly, “We can always go back if you’d like. You can just meet him another day.”

I searched her caring eyes before shaking my head, “No. You wanted so badly to take me out today. I’m not going to ruin it just because I’m a little afraid of big places. Plus…” I hugged her arm smiling down at her happily, “I know you’ll keep me safe no matter what.”

“If you’re sure…” I nodded and she smiled, “Then let’s go! We’re meeting him at a park that’s usually empty so it should be less scary.”

She led me through the streets calmly. It was nice to be able to hold her hand and not feel panicked. River and I have been slowly working on my touching issues in secret. We thought it’d be a nice surprise if I was able to start to hold hands with Marsh and Haven.

We got to a secluded looking park. There were only a few people there with small children. River kept leading me through it until we reached a picnic area. She looked around before beginning to lead me over to a table with a dark haired, Mexican boy.

He smiled when we sat down, “Hey River!” He gave me a friendly smile, “You must be Jaye.” I nodded. “I’m Felix.”

I gave a small smile, “Nice to meet you.”

He giggled, “You too. River has talked nonstop since they decided on you. Though she didn’t say you were a ginger.”

I chuckled, “Well we are pretty rare nowadays.”

Felix instantly pulled me into a conversation of how he got here as a soul tie to a demon named Axel. I found out he had killed himself as well but his was from bullying. I explained my situation and we got to a very deep conversation over age gaps.


We all looked up to see a dark skinned demon with lilac colored hair and grey eyes storming over. When he got next to us he glared down at Felix.

Felix smiled sheepishly, “Hey babe!”

The demon continued to glare, “What in the hell were you thinking?! You know I hate it when you sneak out!”

“Come on Axel!” Felix whined, “I just wanted to meet Jaye! Plus I’m marked no one would mess with me!”

“But she’s not!” Axel shouted motioning to me, “Marsh just called me in a panic saying that his soul tie and his sister were both missing! I immediately knew where you all were because River’s the only demon dumb enough to bring an unmarked human to the market world. What would happen if a stray demon found her alone!? Plus Marsh said that she doesn’t even know any of that yet so she would be stupid enough to go with a random ‘friendly’ demon!”

I kept quiet pushing away the insult and anger that was fighting in my chest.

River rolled her eyes, “It’s not my fault Marsh wouldn’t let me explain it to her! Plus when she asked him about going to the market world with him, he immediately said no and wouldn’t tell her why! Jaye has been cooped up in our limbo world for nearly a month now!”

Axel growled in frustration, “That’s not the point River! If a stray demon sees her and notices she’s unmarked then they’ll try and take her! Do you want to lose your soul tie to a gang of stray demons!?”

I could see River’s fight die down a bit. She took a deep breath before letting it out in a sigh, “Fine. I’ll take her back… but could you and Felix at least come over? Jaye really misses interacting with other people.”

Axel’s demeanor softened slightly before he let out a groan, “Fine! I’ll bring Felix over through our portal system. We’ll be right behind you. Just hurry. Marsh is ready to kill you.”

River sighed dejectedly grabbing my hand again and leading me back through town. We traveled back in silence. I was slightly discouraged about this whole thing. I wish they would just tell me things instead of treating me like a child.

We got back and, just as they said, Felix and Axel came out a second behind us. I hugged my arms around myself nervously a behavior I had just managed to stop. We walked back inside and Marsh immediately stopped his pacing and glared at his sister.

River gave him a look similar to a child who got caught stealing cookies, “I’m sorry okay?”

“No! Not okay! You know damn well she could have been snatched up by a gang of stray demons! God River do you even think before you act!? Jaye doesn’t even know about any of that yet! She would’ve been none the wiser if a random demon began talking to her and-”

“Oh my god! Would you just shut up already!?”

Everyone turned to me in shock of my sudden outburst.

I glared at Marsh harshly, “It was me okay!? I was the one who asked to go! River tried to talk me out of it first but I convinced her I would be fine!”

Marsh growled his eyes glowing dangerously, “You could have gotten hurt! I told you not to go out without me or Haven! River can’t protect you from a gang of male demons! And you definitely can’t fight anybody off! You-”

He was cut off by me slapping him across the face. Everyone gasped and stared at me wide eyed, well almost everyone I heard Axel trying to stifle his laughter.

Marsh slowly turned his head back putting his hand against his injured cheek in shock, “Did you just… slap me?!”

I glared up at him angrily, “Yes I did! Maybe it shook your brain enough for you to not be a dumbass and actually listen to me!” I huffed slightly, “I’m not stupid and I’m not helpless! I’m sick and tired of you and Haven treating me like a fucking glass doll! Maybe if you actually tell me what the fuck’s going on then I wouldn’t have to go to River for everything! I swear she’s the only one of you three that actually listens to me and doesn’t see me as weak!”

I let out a loud scream of frustration before storming out back. I didn’t bother to stop walking until I was under my tree. I quickly scaled it and found my spot. Part of me was tempted to let my leg swing and get cut a couple of times to try and calm down but… I promised Haven I wouldn’t.

I knew Haven knew where I was but I didn’t really care. Marsh was the one I was really angry with right now. He always treated me like I was glass. That was the one thing I hated about having friends at all while I was alive, they always treated me like I was fragile after they found out I was depressed.

“You can’t solve your problems by hiding in a tree.”

I glared down at Axel’s unimpressed face, “I lack the ability to give a shit at the moment.”

He chuckled smirking at me, “You know, I’ve never seen a female soul tie straight up slap their mate for being protective.”

I smiled sarcastically at him, “Congratulations! You’ve seen it!” I crossed my arms and glared at the tree tops beside me, “Now will you go the hell away!?”

“You and I both know I’m not leaving until you come down and go talk to Marsh and Haven.” I glanced down seeing he was now leaning on the trunk of the tree staring up at me. He smirked, “Nice swing by the way.”

I couldn’t help the bitter scoff that escaped my lips, “I learned it from my mother.”

“Wasn’t your mom the pedo who touched you?”

I found myself chuckling at his wording. I smirked down at him, “See! This is what I’m talking about! Marsh would never say that to me! He’d beat around the bush and treat me like I can’t handle talking about anything too dangerous!”

Axel raised an eyebrow, “So you’d rather him be blunt with you about things?” I nodded. “Why? Most girls like a guy who protects them from things.”

I rolled my eyes, “Because I’ve never been protected! My mom molested me for the majority of my life and my dad was always working! If a bully pushed me on the playground, I had to push back!” I sighed trying to calm down my anger as I looked to the tree tops beside me, “I… I’m not used to a guy taking interest in protecting me. In all honesty the only sort of romantic interest I had was an african american lesbian who was the one that liked to be protected.”

Axel chuckled, “So in other words, this is all new to you and you don’t really care for it?”

I shrugged, “It’s not even so much that I don’t like being protected, it’s the bullshit notion that I’m too weak to handle knowing about what dangers are in this plains. If they really want to protect me, then they’d tell me what to watch out for instead of sheltering me!” I glanced at the backdoor purposefully.

“Well you could have just told them that instead of making them make me come out here and pry it from you. You can come out from the backdoor now guys!”

I rolled my eyes glaring at a sheepish Haven and Marsh who stepped out from behind the cracked door, “Don’t think I didn’t hear the door creak open when me and Axel started talking.”

Axel laughed lightly smiling up at me amusedly, “So you knew they would hear?” I nodded and he laughed more, “Wow, you are quite the handful.”

I smirked at him, “Most women are. Be glad your gay.”

Marsh looked up at me sheepishly, “If I say I’m sorry, will you come down?”

I rolled my eyes, “Maybe if you’re lucky.”

He sighed, “I really am sorry. I… didn’t realize we were treating you like you were fragile. We don’t think you’re weak or anything, we just…” He struggled to find words looking to Haven for help.

“We just haven’t gotten used to this yet. When a demon’s chosen soul tie comes into their limbo world, there’s an instant bond that’s formed. It makes the demon slightly protective of them,” He explained quickly. He then gave me one of the cutest shy smiles I’ve ever seen, “We really are sorry.”

My gaze softened immediately as my fight died almost completely. I looked away with a small blush, “And I’m sorry for slapping you Marsh, and for yelling at you guys.”

Axel chuckled again, “Now can you come down and talk to them?”

I sighed slowly climbing down and landing next to Axel with my arms hugged around me almost defensively. Just because I knew they would hear my half assed explanation for my actions doesn’t mean I was going to be completely compliant. I wasn’t used to being open with people.

River stepped out back as well coming to stand beside me, “I really am sorry about taking her out. I… just didn’t think it through.”

Axel chuckled, “Well that’s me and Felix’s cue to go home. Enjoy talking!”

He left and all the Kersey siblings turned to me.

I sighed putting on a weak half smile, “I guess it is about time to explain things…”

Oh boy…

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