A Sinner's Future

Jaye Wolfe has had a pretty rough life. Throughout her childhood she had to deal with her mom's abuse and now in college, her depression got worse and worse everyday. Now here she is waking up after committing suicide, in an all white room with two doors. She could go to live with the demons that have chosen her as a soul tie in the world her choices have created or she can go back to her life and see what awaits her. What will she chose? Find out in A Sinner's Future.


2. Meeting the Kersey siblings

I let out a small noise as I woke up. I slowly blinked my eyes open only to be created with a pair of ocean blue eyes staring back at me.

I let out a small shriek jumping back and subsequently falling of the bed I was laying on.

The girl let out a small gasp, “Oh my god! I’m so sorry!”

I rubbed the back of my head as I stood up, “It’s fine.”

I inspected the girl quickly. She was the same girl from that picture that guy showed me. She looked even cuter in person to be honest. Her platinum blonde hair was shiny and soft looking and her ocean blue eyes expressed her emotions almost too perfectly, right now they were showing worry. Any normal human would be a little weirded out by the silver horns on either side of her head or even the black tail that was coming out behind her but they just seemed to complete her look. She was wearing a flowy white spaghetti strap top with light blue jeans.

The door to the room opened revealing one of the twins from before, this was the one with blue horns.

He rolled his eyes once he saw the scene in front of him, “River, don’t tell me you injured the girl already.”

The blonde girl, River I assume, huffed, “I didn’t mean to! I just scared her and she rolled of the bed on her own.”

The guy sighed deeply giving me an apologetic smile, “Sorry about her. She just gets excited easily.”

I chuckled warmly, “It’s fine. It’s actually quite cute.”

River smiled smugly, “HA! She thinks I’m cute.”

The boy rolled his eyes before giving me a smile, “It’s nice to see you’re awake. Would you like to come downstairs so we can explain everything?”

I nodded quickly and walked around the bed following them out the door. I looked around the silver and blue colored house as we walked down a hall and down some stairs. They led me to a living room area where the last person from that image was sitting, the purple horned twin. I sat down in a chair that was a little bit away from the couch that the twin was sitting on.

River and the blue horned twin both sat down on the couch.

I tried to give them a not nervous smile but I think it still came across as anxious, “Can I know your names? I’d like to know what to call you.”

River smiled, “As you probably heard before, I’m River.”

The purple horned twin smiled calmly, “I’m Haven.”

“And I’m Marsh.”

I nodded pulling the sleeves of my University of Florida hoodie down nervously, “Um… I’m Jaye but I feel like you already know that.”

Marsh smiled, “I’m sure you’re a little confused as to why you’re here.” I nodded in confirmation. “Well we are demons as you could probably tell.” I nodded again with a small smile. “Well when demons turn 18 years old they get to chose a human from the mortal plains to have as a soul tie.”

I nodded slowly, “What’s a soul tie exactly?”

“A soul tie is a demon’s partner for life. Sort of like… oh, what do they call it in the mortal plains?” River mumbled confusedly.

“Like a soul mate,” Haven supplied.

“Yea! That’s it!” River exclaimed happily before smiling at me, “When a demon or group of demons turn 18 they get to chose a soul tie from a list of people who have committed a sin. For example you committed suicide which is considered a sin. Not all things in the bible are still sins, like if you’re attracted to the same gender or if you have sex before marriage.”

I nodded in understanding before tilting my head, “But…. Sorry if this seems rude but, why me? Surely you must have some idea of what I’ve been through that caused my suicide, so why would you pick someone who has so many issues?”

Marsh smiled, “We all liked what we read about your personality and what you like to do. We agreed that we wouldn’t mind helping you through your issues.”

I blinked at him before blushing slightly, “May I ask one more thing?” Marsh nodded. “Why did all three of you decide to have a soul tie together? From the sounds of things, you guys could’ve chosen different people. Is there a reason you decided to just have one person?”

River smiled, “Well they could’ve had their soul tie five years ago but they decided to wait on me so I wouldn’t be alone.”

I let out a small giggle, “That’s really sweet.”

Marsh smiled softly at me before standing up, “Anyway, I’m going to cook dinner.”

I smiled standing up as well, “Would it be alright if I helped? I love to cook.”

He nodded motioning for me to follow him. I let him lead me into the kitchen which was beautiful. This house was almost like a small mansion, which was kind of needed for four people that all have separate rooms. It was quite pretty as well.

Marsh and I quickly got to work making steak and mashed potatoes.  I was in charge of dicing the potatoes. It was silent while we worked making me a little more relaxed. I liked the quiet sometimes but other times it was torturous. Making me relive the sounds of my mom's voice when she was commanding me to do… things.

I jumped letting out a small noise of shock and pain. I quickly moved my hand up to look at it. And then I watched in slight amazement as the small cut on my finger repaired the muscle before smoothing over the skin leaving my finger good as new.

I blinked in confusion. What in the hell just happened?

Marsh seemed to notice my confusion, “This is a limbo world created from your choices in life. Since you can’t die here, you also can’t injure yourself. Well you can but it heals almost instantly.”

I nodded slowly frowning slightly, “I won’t be able to-” I mumbled to myself before cutting my sentence.

“No, you won’t be able to cut.”

My head snapped to stare at the side of Marsh’s face as he seasoned the steaks, “How did you…” I trailed before shaking my head, “Oh right. You’ve probably read up on all the things I did in life.”

“The basics of them, yes. We don’t know the full details or extent of what you went through though.” Marsh said glancing at me.

I went back to dicing potatoes, “That’s a good thing.”

I could feel him glance at me again, “So what were you studying in college?”

I smiled a bit, “Veterinary medicine. I wanted to run my own rescue clinic.”

Marsh chuckled, “So you’re an animal lover?”

I nodded, “I used to take care of the strays in my area. Though my dad really disliked me wasting my money on dog food and bowls. I couldn’t help it though. Some of them were so malnourished and thin. They wouldn’t have lasted long unless I gave them food. I even helped some of them get homes before I went off to college.”

Marsh smiled at me, “Did you like going to college?”

I frowned a bit, “Well, I liked getting away from my mom… but I didn’t get very good grades and I wasn’t very happy there. The only thing I really liked was getting to meet Freddie.”

“She was your friend right?”

I nodded slowly, “Best friend… We probably would’ve ended up being more except…”


I shook my head clearing the sad thoughts away, “It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.”

He stared for a moment before nodding, “You ready to boil the potatoes?”

I nodded forcing a small smile to my face. Faking a smile seems hard to most people, but to people like me… it was second nature.

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