A Sinner's Future

Jaye Wolfe has had a pretty rough life. Throughout her childhood she had to deal with her mom's abuse and now in college, her depression got worse and worse everyday. Now here she is waking up after committing suicide, in an all white room with two doors. She could go to live with the demons that have chosen her as a soul tie in the world her choices have created or she can go back to her life and see what awaits her. What will she chose? Find out in A Sinner's Future.


3. Late Night Talk


I frowned at what I was seeing. Freddie was curled up on her bed hugging onto a bear I had won her at a town fair… She was wearing my favorite red hoodie.

She sniffed her brown eyes completely bloodshot from crying, “Why would you do this Jaye? I… I could’ve helped you. We could’ve fought your mom together. Why-” She let out another sob cutting herself off.

I moved closer to her. I knew she couldn’t see me. I sat down behind her on the bed and hesitantly reached my hand out. I stopped and pulled it back. There had to be something I could do to help her cope.

My eyes then caught my journal sitting on her desk. I walked over barely lifting the corner of the pages to find the right one before flipping it open to it.

Freddie jumped at the sound looking over to the desk. She shakily got up putting the bear down on her bed. She looked at the page.

Something told me to start saying the words that were on the page.

“Frankie, I know if you're reading this then, most likely, my depression has gotten the better of me. I’m sorry to leave you like this. I just want you to know, that none of this is your fault. I want you to move on from me… Don’t waste your life being sad over me. Now, come on. Give us a smile. I always loved your smile,” I spoke calmly my words coming out with a slight echo. Then I smiled as I started to sing, “This is not what I intended. I always swore to you I'd never fall apart. You always thought that I was stronger. I may have failed, but I have loved you from the start.

She smiled a miniscule grin as she sniffled a bit, “You would be the one person to end a goodbye note on my favorite song… But it does kind of fit.”

As she began to giggle I felt myself being pulled away from the scene.

I sat up with a start. I looked around I was in my new bedroom. I sighed pulling the covers off and sitting at the edge of the bed.

She was so… sad. Over me… She should’ve realised by now that I’m not worth being sad over… Then again she always was stubborn, telling me the same thing over and over.

“If the play Romeo and Juliet was worth reading in English than you are worth ten times more.”

I smiled a bit at the thought. She always knew how much I hated Romeo and Juliet.

There was a knock at my door. I quickly wiped the small formations of tears from my eyes calling whoever it was to come in.

River opened the door frowning at me, “Um… Could I talk to you?”

I nodded giving a small forced smile, “Sure. What’s up?”

She closed the door coming to sit next to me, “Did you… have someone who was having regrets over your death?”

I blinked at her, “Uh… I mean, yea there’s probably a couple people who would have some regrets.” I frowned, “Why are you asking?”

She sighed, “I could sense your emotions while you slept. That’s my secondary power. Since my bed is pressed against the other side of the wall… I could feel your emotions. They were… so conflicted. So I assumed your spirit was called back to the mortal plains to help someone. Am I right?”

I slowly took in what she said. I guess that would explain why I was just randomly in Freddie’s room and why she couldn’t see me.

I nodded slowly, “Yes… My best friend Freddie was… sad.”

River inspected my face calmly, “Was she… special to you?”

I nodded again, “Very much so. She was… one of the only happy things in my life. She was always trying to help me through my depression… but I just wasn’t strong enough to work through it.”

She nodded slowly, “You wanted to be more than friends, didn’t you?”

I was a little shocked before remembering her ability to read my emotions.

I chuckled lightly, “Part of me did, yes. But I knew I could never have that with her.”


“Because I wasn’t… Because…” I sighed collecting my thoughts quickly before speaking again, “Because I knew that I would always be too broken for her. Freddie was always happy and smiling. She always knew how to look on the bright side. And me… well I was too depressed to leave my dorm most days. While Freddie was an amazing girl who could probably make just about anyone happy, I knew that she would never be able to handle a permanently broken girl like me.”

River frowned, “So you hid your feelings from her… to avoid making her struggle to be with you.”

I nodded chuckling weakly, “Sounds like some shitty romance novel. But in a romance novel, Freddie would’ve eventually been able to fix me. This is reality, I’m always going to be broken, no matter who I’m with.”

River seemed to struggle to find words to say before blurting out, “Did she have any feelings for you?” She then groaned hitting her palm against her forehead, “No, wait! That’s a stupid and insensitive thing to ask.”

I chuckled, “It’s fine River. In fact, I’d appreciate if you guys didn’t treat me like glass. I always hated that when I was alive. But, to answer your question, she did. She made it blatantly obvious how she felt for me, but I was too stubborn to give into my own feelings.”

River smiled sadly, “You… really loved her.”

I inspected her eyes that gave away her slight jealousy. I guess that would make sense. I mean they did say I was meant to be there partner for the rest of time.

I gave her what I hoped was a reassuring smile, “But that’s behind me now. I’m no longer able to be with her so… it’s pointless to worry about what could’ve happened.”

River nodded perking back up, “Yea I guess it is.” She then bit her lip, “Could I… stay in here with you? I’m kind of freaked out about being in a new house.”

I giggled slightly, “Sure but I have to ask that you don’t touch me while we sleep.”

She blinked before nodding with an understanding smile, “Oh right. I almost forgot about your slight fear of being touched. We can put pillows between us if you’d like.”

I nodded with a half smile, “Thank you for understanding.”

We quickly set a small barrier of pillows separating the two sides of the bed and laid down. We stayed up for a little while longer just talking about random things until we both eventually drifted off.

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