10 Years Old

I had the choice to take it or not. I chose to take it. Five seconds ago it was the summer before my junior year in high school, now I am a 10 year old getting ready to start 6th grade. It was a chance to change my life.


1. Summer

My name is Anna. I'm enjoying my summer break before my junior year of high school. I mostly stay home by myself all day since I'm an only child and my parents are at work. My mom is a surgeon and my dad is a scientist. He invents a lot of things.


My dad was finally home. My mom wasn't going to be home until late that night since she was so busy at the hospital. Over dinner, my dad and I talked about our day. At the end of the conversation, he asked me to go with him to work tomorrow. I told him I would. He said his team was working on a new idea and they wanted me to try it.


The next morning I woke up and I felt nervous about what my dad wanted me to try at his work. On the car ride there, I tried to ask him questions about what it was. However, he wouldn't give me any answers. We finally were there and when we got to his lab there was one clean table with three chairs. I sat in one and noticed a tiny blue thing on the table. My dad sat in another chair and one of his team members sat in the other. They told me I had the choice to take it. They said it would transport me back to when I was 10. The thing was that I would also remember everything that happened since I was 10. I put the blue pill in my hand. My shaky hand lifted it to my mouth. I swallowed it.










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