Ryder Lynch teen mom

Ryder Noelle Lynch is an 18 year old singer/songwriter. She is also the youngest of the Lynch siblings who also happen to be R5. She so happens to become pregnant. Here's her story as a teen mom.


4. Chapter 4

A/N: This chapter is when she gives birth..this story is gonna be her life as a teen mom 


Ryder's pov: I was currently in the hospital now..today would be the day i would bring my daughter into the world. That's right i'm having a little girl. I had my parents here, and Rydel..the boys were outside waiting to meet their niece. After 10 hours and 4 pushes she was here. 

I watched the doctor placed her on my chest..i looked down at the beautiful little girl and started crying..i can't believe i'm a mom. I looked over and saw my parents crying and Rydel. I watched as Rydel cut the cord and the nurses took her to get cleaned up. 

* an hour later* 

i was laying in bed now holding my daughter..i heard a soft knock on the door and saw the boys come in with Rydel. I watched as they all surrounded my bed and looked at the little baby in my arms

Rocky: she's beautiful Ryder *smiles* 

Ryder: thanks Rock *smiles* 

Riker: whats her name

Ryder: i introduce Ms. Riley Rydel Lynch 

I watched as the boys smiled..guessing they liked the name. 

Ryland: can i hold her 

Ryder: sure

i passed Riley to Ryland and watched him hold her

Ryland: i have a niece..omg *smiles* 

The nurses came back to get some foot prints and all the boys wanted Riley's foot prints on their arms and thats exactly what they got. 


@RikerR5: My beautiful Niece<3 

@RossLynch: Uncle Ross<3 

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