Ryder Lynch teen mom

Ryder Noelle Lynch is an 18 year old singer/songwriter. She is also the youngest of the Lynch siblings who also happen to be R5. She so happens to become pregnant. Here's her story as a teen mom.


2. Chapter 2

* a few weeks later* 

Ryder pov: its been 4 weeks and i'm on tour with R5. Chris and i broke up..he said he didn't want to be in a relationship with someone who is always traveling..but we ended on good terms..but this tour has been kind of all over the place especially now because i'm pregnant. I know..i'm only 16 i can't be pregnant but i am..the only one who knows is Rydel. 

Right now we were all in our hotel with our mom and dad having a family night

Rydel: *whispers in Ryder's ear* you have to tell them 

Ryder: i can't...i'm scared

Rydel: i already told you..i'm here to help you if they don't i'm here..we're your family Ryder you have to tell them. 

I looked at her and nodded. Rydel and i stood up and she grabbed everyone's attention 

Rydel: um guys..Ryder has something important to tell you guys *looks at Ryder* 

Ryder: um..i don't know how to tell you guys this..but i want you guys to know that i love you all 

Stormie (momma Lynch): what is it honey 

Ryder: *lets out a breathe*: i'm pregnant 

I heard everyone gasp and the room then fell silent..i looked at everyone's facial expressions and they were all blank. I began crying. 

Mark (father): Ryder

Ryder: dad mom i'm so sorry...please don't let me do this by myself...i need you guys *crying*

I watched as everyone get up and hug me.i looked and saw Ryland still sitting. 

Riker: we'll help you..you know that

i looked and saw Ryland still sitting. 

Ryder: Ryland 

I watched as he looked at me and shook his head and got up and walked off. 

Stormie: leave him..he'll come around...but never think we won't help you..cause you got us..we're a family we stick together.

I smiled and hugged my mom. I knew i wasn't alone.


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