Ryder Lynch teen mom

Ryder Noelle Lynch is an 18 year old singer/songwriter. She is also the youngest of the Lynch siblings who also happen to be R5. She so happens to become pregnant. Here's her story as a teen mom.


1. Chapter 1

*Lynch Home* 

Ryder pov: I was at home after hanging out with my boyfriend Chris..well i wouldn't really call him my official boyfriend he's more of a summer fling i guess. I was finishing packing since i would be going on tour with my siblings. If you don't know my siblings are in a band called R5. It consist of my siblings..Riker the oldest..then my sister Rydel..then Rocky..then Ross..then Ryland and then Me, we are literally each a year apart. 

Rydel: *walks in* knock knock

I look up and see Rydel 

Ryder: hey *smiles* 

Rydel: you ready for tour 

Ryder: yea i can't wait. 

Rydel: i'm so happy mom and dad let you come 

This would be my first tour with my siblings...this would be a great time for us to spend time together..especially me..growing up i didn't really spend time with them..because they were usually going out and traveling. After talking to Rydel..she left and went downstairs..i went into Ryland's room..me and Ryland always been close since we're a year apart. 

Ryland: hey sis 

Ryder: hey 

Ryland: whats going on

Ryder: nothing much..how about you 

Ryland: putting the finishing touches for this music...hows that little boy toy of yours 

Ryland and the rest of the boys never liked Chris..i really don't know why...they never wanted me to be with him.

Ryder: Ry he has a name 

Ryland: what do you see in that guy anyway

Ryder: he's a good guy Ryland

Ryland: well i don't like him...he better not hurt you cause i haven't fought anyone in a while so let him give me a reason

Ryder: noted 

Ryland: just be careful ok 

Ryder: i will Ry..*smiles* 

I loved how protective my brothers are of me and Rydel because we are the only girls, but sometimes it can get to much. 

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