From The Moment I Met You

15 year old Leiyl Horace's life is just beginning when she meets the beautiful boy Niall Horan on the X Factor. They immediately felt a connection the minute they began to talk, but what was it? Could they be more than friends like Niall wants, or will Leiyl's past make her hesitant to fall in love ever again?

Leiyl suffered from depression at a young age when her parents got a divorce and turned to alcohol. They began beating her; music was her only escape. Until she met a boy named Niall Horan who changed everything, but will it be for the better or worse?

Niall was a hilarious boy most of the time. But he always had this negative voice in the back of his head haunting him ever since his parents became alcoholics. Niall was mad at the world for being so cruel and never trusted anyone. Until he tried out for the X Factor and met a beautiful girl named Leiyl Horace.


7. You Make Me Strong

Leiyl's POV

'Leiyl Horace has cancer.' Those words bounced through my head as the realization hit me.

"No." I whispered. "No, no, no, no, no!" I started to shout. I slammed my fist on the hospital bed and screamed in frustration. Then I started to cry. I cried not only because I had cancer, but because of all the misfortune that had happened to me in my lifetime. I was only 15 years old and I had more bad things happen to me than most people have there entire lives. I cried because I felt like my life was completely ruined, that there was nothing to live for. I cried because my parents hated me, because I had no friends, because no one cared about me.

Then I looked around the room. Niall was holding my hand and trying to comfort me, but I couldn't hear a thing. Cher was sitting next to him and there were four other boys that I didn't know standing in the room. I realized something. Through my tears I knew that people did care about me. Niall, Cher, and these four boys who I assumed were Niall's friends cared about me enough to be here in this room with me right now. Although my parents- my own family wouldn't care, they did. And that's all that mattered.

Niall brushed my tears away and told me that everything would be okay. I was so glad he was here. I mean, sure my best friend was there as well, but she couldn't make me as strong as Niall could. Cher could try to cheer me up and so could everyone else in this world, but that was something only Niall Horan could do every single time I felt sad.

"Leiyl, I'm so sorry." Niall whispered and I noticed that he had tears in his eyes as well. I shook my head.

"Niall, it's not your fault. Nothing you could have done would have changed this situation." I whispered back.

"Okay, but I can definitely do something to help now." He told me and I brushed my fingers along his that previously wiped away my tears.

"Sing to me." I replied gently. I glanced up and realized that everyone else had left the room. He nodded and grabbed both of my hands.

"Hold on, hold on, when the current pulls you under and your heart beats like thunder just give me your hand, and hold on, hold on, until the storm is over. And I'll be fighting for you, just give me your hand and hold on." Niall gently sang the song I performed at my first audition. I smiled, tears still running down my face.

I pulled Niall's face closer to mine and pressed my lips to his. Our lips melted together and so many feelings hit me all at once. He wrapped his arms around me and I felt safe, like nothing could go wrong when I was in his embrace. I pulled away and saw a smile begin to grow on his face.

"Whatever happens, I'm here." He said and kissed me again. I wished that moment could last forever. You could feel the sparks flying around in the room and I was so happy. Niall pulled back when someone cleared there throat behind us. Of all people it was one of Niall's friends. "Hey Harry." He said a bit flustered.

Okay, so the one with curly hair was Harry. Got it.

"Hey, just wanted to say that we're about to head back. Just got a call and they want us immediately." Harry paused and it looked like Niall was about to say something, but Harry continued. "Don't worry we told them the news and you two get to stay."

"Thanks mate. See you later." Niall said with a smile. Then Harry left and the doctors came in. They were ready to do some tests. I was about to tear up again remembering the fact that I have cancer, but Niall began to caress the back of my hand gently. I have no idea what I would do without him.

He made me strong.

A/N Thank you so much for almost 700 reads! It's unbelievable, I never thought I would get so many reads. Please leave feedback in the comments and let me know if you are enjoying this book so far. Thank you to ftwLORIftw and Juliansbabygirl for commenting. I don't think I would have continued this story without your comments.


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