From The Moment I Met You

15 year old Leiyl Horace's life is just beginning when she meets the beautiful boy Niall Horan on the X Factor. They immediately felt a connection the minute they began to talk, but what was it? Could they be more than friends like Niall wants, or will Leiyl's past make her hesitant to fall in love ever again?

Leiyl suffered from depression at a young age when her parents got a divorce and turned to alcohol. They began beating her; music was her only escape. Until she met a boy named Niall Horan who changed everything, but will it be for the better or worse?

Niall was a hilarious boy most of the time. But he always had this negative voice in the back of his head haunting him ever since his parents became alcoholics. Niall was mad at the world for being so cruel and never trusted anyone. Until he tried out for the X Factor and met a beautiful girl named Leiyl Horace.


3. What Is Happening To Me?

Leiyl's POV

Niall and I were going to meet again. He was going to give me his number. And! I got THREE yes's. Why was I thinking about a random boy I just met when I completed my life goal?! It's like he's put a spell on me. I feel something for him, I just don't know what it is. It couldn't be love, we just met. Could it?


As he walked on to the stage, I couldn't help but grin like a madman. I also couldn't wait to hear him sing. I was sure he would be great.

"Hello, what's your name?" Katy said. Niall looked really nervous and I didn't know why, a few seconds ago he was giving me the widest smile I had ever seen.

"I'm Niall." He replied shaking his hands a bit. Why was he so shy all of a sudden as well?

"Good luck, Mr. Niall." Katy smiled giving him some encouragement. And then he started to sing and let me tell you something: it was heaven on Earth. Niall's voice was so sweet and tender. I couldn't imagine him not making it through. I just smiled at him even though he didn't look my way. Everyone started clapping the moment he finished. And I couldn't help but join in. However, he didn't get a standing ovation which shocked me.

The three judges voted: yes, yes, no. I was in awe of how I got three yes's and he only got two, but Niall was still buzzing when he came backstage. I gave him a warm hug and we moved to sit on the sofas.

"Oh my god Niall! You were amazing!" I exclaimed a little bit too loud. Niall chuckled, blushing a bit.

"Thanks." He replied. We sat next to each other on the sofa in a silence for what felt like days until Niall cleared his throats and said, "Well, uh, do you want my number?" I smiled at how adorably awkward he was.

"Sure, here's mine." I read out my ten digit phone number and he told me his.

"Do you want to go somewhere after auditions?" He asked after a few minutes of small talking. I started to blush and I felt butterflies fluttering around in my stomach. What is wrong with me?

"Sure, I'd love t-" I stopped and looked down: Niall was holding my hand. I could tell he was nervous because he was very hesitant. I gently pulled my hand away. "Niall," he looked up at me and tried to apologize. I put my finger to his lips and continued, "Take it slow. When we go out I want to get to know you more. Then," I took a deep breath not believing what I was going to say next. "Of course." What was I doing?!

I was mentally slapping myself for rushing into things like that. Then I saw the expression on Niall's face and everything was alright. He was smiling and looked so happy that I thought he might break his jaw from grinning so widely. Niall had this spell on me and I couldn't help but fall for him more and more. I can only hope he feels the same way.

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