From The Moment I Met You

15 year old Leiyl Horace's life is just beginning when she meets the beautiful boy Niall Horan on the X Factor. They immediately felt a connection the minute they began to talk, but what was it? Could they be more than friends like Niall wants, or will Leiyl's past make her hesitant to fall in love ever again?

Leiyl suffered from depression at a young age when her parents got a divorce and turned to alcohol. They began beating her; music was her only escape. Until she met a boy named Niall Horan who changed everything, but will it be for the better or worse?

Niall was a hilarious boy most of the time. But he always had this negative voice in the back of his head haunting him ever since his parents became alcoholics. Niall was mad at the world for being so cruel and never trusted anyone. Until he tried out for the X Factor and met a beautiful girl named Leiyl Horace.


2. See You Again

Niall's POV

Leiyl Horace. That girl was something alright. How was it possible for me to fall in love with someone I just met? I don't know, it just was. She was so nervous and I could tell, I just wanted her to calm down a bit. So, I tried to start up a conversation using a bit of my Irish charm. Then I saw something else tucked away in her eyes: was it sadness? I wanted to ask her, but she was gone too soon. As she scurried to the stage it suddenly hit me. What if I never see her again? I mean either of us could be cut the first round. My shoulders sagged and I let my brain take control of me as I had done so many times before. My depression was just getting worse.


I remembered the beautiful girl standing on the stage in front of me and pushed my thoughts to the side.

"Hi, I'm Leiyl." She said in her sweet voice. She masked her nerves pretty well I must say. But I saw right through her fake smile. Leiyl was scared out of her mind. She looked over at me and I gave her a smile. Immediately her face beamed and she looked back at the judges with a whole new level of confidence.

Wait, what just happened? She looked at me for help. ME! I was so happy. Maybe she liked me. I got my hopes up. But then that small depressing voice in the back of my head spoke to me: Maybe you're making something out of nothing. I sighed.

"Alright, well go for it." Simon said, smiling.

Leiyl was a bit hesitant but then she started to sing.

My mouth hung open. Leiyl Horace had the most amazing voice I had ever heard, the judges had to put her through. I guess I was right because all three judges stood on their feet and the crowd copied their actions giving her a standing ovation. Backstage was no different. Everyone was standing and clapping. I tried to get a good look at her face and I saw her smiling and crying at the same time.

The judges sat back down, ready to vote. It was a really simple decision for them; yes, yes, and yes. She said her thank you's and ran backstage. I was about to congratulate her when she pulled me into a hug. At first I was surprised but then I returned her embrace, taking in her scent, telling her how incredible she was.

Leiyl finally pulled away and whispered something in my ear. "Can we please meet up sometime?" She emphasized the word please. My eyes widened at her straight-forwardness.

"Of course. I'll give you my number after auditions, meet me over there." I whispered back, pointing. I couldn't believe what was happening right now. She nodded and I was called onto the stage.

"Good luck, you'll be fantastic." Leiyl said, smiling. "I'll be right here." I smiled like an idiot and walked into the stage.

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