From The Moment I Met You

15 year old Leiyl Horace's life is just beginning when she meets the beautiful boy Niall Horan on the X Factor. They immediately felt a connection the minute they began to talk, but what was it? Could they be more than friends like Niall wants, or will Leiyl's past make her hesitant to fall in love ever again?

Leiyl suffered from depression at a young age when her parents got a divorce and turned to alcohol. They began beating her; music was her only escape. Until she met a boy named Niall Horan who changed everything, but will it be for the better or worse?

Niall was a hilarious boy most of the time. But he always had this negative voice in the back of his head haunting him ever since his parents became alcoholics. Niall was mad at the world for being so cruel and never trusted anyone. Until he tried out for the X Factor and met a beautiful girl named Leiyl Horace.


1. Nerves and Niall

Leiyl's POV

I was nervous. No, not like first day of school nerves where you get butterflies in your stomach. Full on nervousness, I felt like I was going to collapse when I walked into the building. I read the sign to make sure I wasn't imagining things. Sure enough it said: X Factor Auditions. I wasn't dreaming.


Maybe I should tell you a bit about myself. My name is Leiyl Horace. I'm 15 years old and love singing. When I was 6 my parents got a divorce and my mom turned to alcohol. She would beat me on a regular basis as if I was the reason for her heartache. My dad wasn't any better. When I went to visit him, he made me sleep on the cold floor with nothing but a towel to keep me warm. Honestly, I hated life. About 6 years after the divorce, I began to listen to a ton of music. Whenever I heard a song I felt safe and happy. I mean life was great as long as I had music. It saved me so I wanted to save others. Today was the day that I would take my dreams to the next level: I was going to audition for the X Factor. I had heard of miracles happening on this show. That's exactly what I needed. Yesterday evening I snuck out of my house to come here. If I don't win the X Factor, who knows what will happen to me when I go back home.


I stood with the other contestants hidden by the curtains. It was go time. Luckily for me, they made us go in alphabetical order so I wouldn't be first. I was interrupted from my thoughts when the blonde boy behind me began to speak.

"Hello," he said looking into my hazel eyes. I didn't realize it before, but my hands were shaking like crazy and my knees were wobbly.

"Oh, uh, hi. I'm Leiyl." I stuttered after exactly 4 seconds. Yes I was counting, it calms me. He smiled and held his hand out. I gladly took it in my own.

"Niall. Nice to meet you." He responded while I shook his hand. I felt my face get hot for no reason whatsoever and I felt light-headed. If it wasn't for Niall I would have completely fallen over. "Are you alright?" I looked back up and put on a completely fake smile. I didn't want to tell him about my family situation. There was no way I was going to give him the burden of hearing the sob story I call my life.

"Oh, yeah, I'm fine." I lied as I continued to blush. "So... are you ready for your audition?" I asked, desperately trying to change the subject. He shook off his concerned look. It made me feel bad that I was lying to him when he was truly worried about me.

"Yeah, a bit nervous but I'll be okay." Niall answered. "What about you?" He asked. I was about to answer him when I heard the words that would start my wonderful journey on the X Factor.

"Leiyl Horace, please take your spot on the stage." The announcer said in his booming voice. I grabbed the microphone and nodded giving him a small smile and giving Niall a high five.

"You can do it, Leiyl!" Niall said giving me an instant rush of inspiration and adrenaline. My cheeks flushed again. I didn't understand how a boy I met just minutes ago could give me such a crazy feeling.

I pushed my thoughts aside and focused on the stage in front of me. Here I go.

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