10 weeks...

The Gang is back!!!! This time, everyone has a type of problem... no one expected these, until they are yet again attacked by a demon... more powerful than the next. Who will win this time?


8. Week 8

“What do you remember?” Serena asked Riley.

    “The demon slams the door in my face and comes from behind. That's it.” Riley said. Serena looked disappointed.

    “After one week, you still don’t remember anything other than that?” Serena asked. Riley shakes her head no. Serena sighs.

    “OK. You can leave now.” Serena says, rubbing her eyes. Riley gets up, but before she leaves she said, “I’m sorry. I really wish I could remember something else.” Then she walked out the door.  Serena sighed.

    “I wonder why he would only cut off one finger and the left ring finger too…” Serena asked herself. Serena started to wonder more and more about the demon.

    “Serena?” Emily asked, entering the room. Serena looked up.


    “The hands are back and this time, there is only 2 fingers.” Emily said. She looked really pale. Serena hopped out of her seat, and followed Emily out the door.

    “Show me them.” Serena said. Emily lead Serena out the back door and to the place they buried the hands. They were sitting on top of the dirt.

“See! There is only two fingers!” Emily exclaimed.

“Yeah… ” Serena said. She started to pace back and forth.

“There are ten fingers on a hand. Seven weeks have gone by, and there is eight fingers gone. That means each finger is a week.” Serena mumbles to herself. She looks up suddenly when she figures is out.

“Emily! We only have two more weeks until we have to fight the demon!” Serena exclaims. Emily looks confused.

“Now how did you come up with that conclusion?” Emily asked.

“There were ten fingers on the hand. Riley’s finger got cut off two weeks ago. The hands just showed up with only eight fingers missing. That means seven weeks have gone by…” Serena explained.

“I’m still confused.” Emily said. Serena facepalmed.

“One finger equals one week. Seven weeks have gone by and eight fingers are gone. We have two weeks left.” Serena said, trying to explain it again.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! I totally get it now!” Emily said sarcastically.

“We need to tell the others! Come on!” Serena said.

“Ok!” said Emily. Serena and Emily walked back into the house.

“So find anything?” asked Blaze.

“Yeah we did, there is only 2 weeks left… till we fight a demon.” said Serena.

“Another Demon, what’s with the demons?” asked Blaze.

“Come on, how am I to know?” asked Serena.

“Well, if there really is a demon you are not fighting.” said Blaze.

“What? Wynaut?”

“Because, I don’t need both of you to get hurt or killed in this fight…..” said Blaze seriously.

“But…” Serena Hesitated.

“There’s no ifs, ands, or buts in this conversation.” said Blaze.

“Hey…” said Serena laughing.

“Don’t go there” Blaze said trying to hold back laughter.

“Wynaut?” asked Serena. “You never said I couldn’t say why or hey…”

“Yeah and….” said Blaze with a facial expression (Like Boi).

“Why?” asked Serena snorting, because she was going to laugh.

“Because…” said Blaze

“Because why?” said Serena laughing.

“Because I said so…” said Blaze

“Why did you say so?” asked Serena, still laughing.

“Because I felt like saying so…” said Blaze sarcastically
    “Why did you feel like saying it?” asked Serena laughing.

“Because I’m allowed to…” said Blaze

“Why are you allowed to?” said Serena laughing, causing her to fall.

“Now we’re just acting stupid…” said Blaze

“Why are we acting stupid?” asked Serena.

“Why are u asking so many questions?....” said Blaze

“Why are you not answering my questions?” asked Serena.

“Because you’re acting like a two year old....”

“Why am I acting like a two year old?” asked Serena while on the floor.

“Because you’re asking too many damn question just like a two year old would….” said Blaze

“Why am I asking so many questions like a two year old?” said Serena, while laughing.

“Cause you’re being dumb…” said Blaze. Serena stopped and went upstairs not asking a single question.

“Serena… Wait I didn’t mean it like that!!!” yelled Blaze.

“...” Serena stayed quiet.

“I’m coming up there after the count of 3…” said Blaze. Serena locks the door while giggling.

“1…2…3… ” yelled Blaze. Blaze ran up the stairs going by two…. Then he burst through Serena’s bedroom door…

“Um…” said Serena while pointing at the door.

“I’ll fix that later….” said Blaze while rubbing the back of his neck. Serena tries runs past Blaze, but Blaze caught her gently and held her close…

“Let me go!” giggled Serena as she struggled.

“Why?...” said Blaze with a dumb look on his face.

“Because I am hungry! And No Whys!” said Serena holding back her laugh.

“That’s why there’s Jimmy John’s” said Blaze.

“I prefer Burger King, if you know what I mean…” said Serena.

“ Well maybe I want McDonalds.” said Blaze dumbly.

“Or you want Dairy Queen,” said Serena while laughing. “You sure did!”

“What…?” said Blaze.

“You know what I mean.” said Serena slipping out of Blaze’s grip and running into the bathroom and locking it.

“What!?!... how did she do that? said Blaze surprised.

“Hehe…” said Serena while laughing in the bathroom.

“Are we playing tag?” said Blaze

“...” Serena stayed quiet once more.

“Ok, now have until 5 and then I’m running to the car, and going to get food…” yelled Blaze. Serena sneaks out of the bathroom and hides in the secret compartment.

“1… 2… 3… 4… 5!” yelled Blaze as he bolted for the front door.

“Um, what are they doing? asked Keashawna.

“I have no idea… to be honest…” said Roulou.

“I think… they have gone crazy… to the max.” said Riley.

“I must agree with you, because they totally forgot we were here…” said John.

“Yep…” said Emily.

“Should we tell them,” said Brandon seeing Blaze dash to the door in super speed. “Um, nevermind them… there goes Blaze anyway.” Then a few minutes after Blaze had left, he comes back with food.

“Hehe, now where did she go,” said Blaze. “Oh I know…” Then Blaze leaves a trail of french fries and chicken nuggets all over the house. Then Riley gets the smell of chicken nuggets and starts to eat the trail.

“Who *Munch* left *Munch* all these *Munch* chicken nuggets on the *Munch* floor?” asked Riley as she ate the chicken nuggets on the floor. Then Keashawna gets up to follow Riley, but she eats the fries.

“Ha! I got me the fries!” yelled Keashawna, while stuffing the fries in her mouth.

“Um guys… I think those were to lure Serena out…” said John.

“Oh well…” Riley said, eating the last chicken nugget.

“Did you guys see her?! She ate everything!” said Blaze looking on the floor.

“Um…” said Brandon.

“I might have ate the chicken nuggets…” Riley said, wiping the crumbs off her mouth.

“And I ate the fries…” said Keashawna.

“Dang It! Now I gotta get more…” said Blaze as he walked outside. Then Serena comes out and gets the cheese burger on the table, that belonged to Blaze.

“So *Munch* I won!” said Serena.

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