10 weeks...

The Gang is back!!!! This time, everyone has a type of problem... no one expected these, until they are yet again attacked by a demon... more powerful than the next. Who will win this time?


7. Week 7

“I can still see the hands in my head even though it’s been a week since you guys buried them.” Emily said.

    “It doesn’t seem like it’s been a week.” Serena said.

    “Do you guys want to watch a movie tonight since the boys are gone?” Riley asked them.

    “Let’s watch Guardians of the Galaxy!” Emily exclaims.

    “NO! Let’s watch Captain America Civil War!” Serena exclaims.

    “Guys, we have all night! We can watch whatever movies we want to watch.” Keashawna said.

    “Which one are we watching first?” Riley asked.

    “Just grab both of them.” Serena said. Riley nodded, and headed off to her room to grab the movies.

    “Can we pleassssssee watch Guardians of the Galaxy first?” Emily begged.

    “Emi, not everybody likes that movie.” Serena tells her. Emily starts to do the puppy-dog eyes.

    “Serena, just let her watch Guardians o-” Keashawna gets cut off by the sound of a door slamming and screaming.

    “RILEY!!” they scream together. Keashawna picks up Emily and helps her up the stairs.

    “GET AWAY FROM ME!” Riley screams.

    “Riley! OPEN THE DOOR!” Serena screams.

    “GET AWAY!!!!” Riley yells. Riley starts to scream.

    “BUST DOWN THE DOOR EMI!” Keashawna screams. Emily just stands there.

    “BUST DOWN THE DOOR! NOW!!!!!” Serena scream at Emily. Emily starts to bang against the door. The door was knocked down by the time Riley stopped screaming.

    “What happened?!” Serena exclaimed. Riley was in the corner crying, and she was clutching her left hand.

    “Riley? WHAT HAPPENED?” Serena asked again. All Riley did was continue crying. Finally after a few moments, Riley lifted her left hand and laid it on the floor. Her left ring finger was not there anymore. They just stared at her hand.

    “We need to get her to the hospital now!” Emily said.

    When they got to the hospital, they called the boys.

    “Blaze?” Serena asked.

    “What’s wrong?” Blaze asked, getting a little nervous.

    “Riley’s in the hospital.” Serena told him. Blaze looked at John. John looked at Blaze worriedly.

    “What happened?” Blaze asked Serena. The line was silent for a few seconds.

    “Um...her finger was cut off by the demon.” Serena replied. Blaze looked at John with an “I’m sorry” look.

    “What?” John asked, putting down the gaming controller.

    “Serena, I’m going to go. We will be there in a minute.” Blaze said. He hung up the phone.

    “John……...Riley’s in the hosp-” Blaze started. John was out the door before Blaze even finished. The boys all left and went to the hospital.

    “What happened?!” John asked Serena when they arrived.

    “The demon might have cut off her left ring finger…” Serena said. She looked sad. John walked into the hospital room and stayed with Riley.

    “When can she leave?” John asked the doctor.

    “She can leave tomorrow.” The doctor replied. John nodded his head and took Riley’s hand.

    “I’m going to get the demon back for that.” John tells Riley.

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