10 weeks...

The Gang is back!!!! This time, everyone has a type of problem... no one expected these, until they are yet again attacked by a demon... more powerful than the next. Who will win this time?


6. Week 6

They were released early from the hospital. Blaze held Serena as she was released. She wasn’t talking to him, but didn’t completely hate him either, so she let him.

    “I think they are getting along.” said Riley.

    “RILEY! WHAT ABOUT KEA AND HER ON AND OFF BLINDNESS?! Oh no… We forgot?!” said Serena

    “Oh no…” Riley said, rushing to get home.

    “Where is John when you need him…” said Blaze. Then John appears out of nowhere.

    “I have been summoned… Who dares to summon-” said John but he was cut off.

    “That’s a nice speech and all, but can you teleport us to Kea?” asked Serena.

“Why should I?” John asked.

“Because we need to check up on her. We might have forgot about her…” Riley said, trying to persuade John.    

“Or I’ll make him…” whispered Serena to Blaze. They both started laughing. Everyone else just stares at them, confused.

“Um, so should I take you guys?” asked John.

“Yes please, do it for me…” pleaded Riley. John teleports them to Keashawna.

“I didn’t want to be teleported! What about our cars?!” said Blaze.

“We can get them later.” said Riley. They walk around the whole house to find Keashawna laying on the couch with Roulou.

“Thank god… we thought you were alone.” said Serena.

“When you left me behind, I called Roulou.” explained Keashawna.

“Oh… thank you Roulou.” said Serena.

“But seriously our cars probably got hit or something,” said Brandon. Brandon threw a knife at a wall inside the house.

“What did you do that for?” Keashawna asked.

“I sensed an evil aura. He was trying to steal my car,” replied Brandon. “I forgot that I was looking at my backup camera.

“Um… you threw it at the wall…” said Blaze.

“I… don't feel so good…” said Riley as she passes out on the floor.

“Riley?!” yelled John while holding her.

“Oh my god!” said Serena. “Could she…”

“Don’t go there sweetie.” said Blaze while hugging Serena.

“Fine…” said Serena.

“Um… said Keashawna.

“Wake Up!!!!” yelled Emily to Riley. Riley wasn’t moving.

    “What is wrong with her?” John asked. Objects were flying in the air all around them. All of a sudden, everything froze in place, then fell. You could hear glass breaking in the kitchen. John held Riley’s limp body in his arms.

    “What just happened…” Keashawna said. No one said anything. They were all a little freaked out at what just happened. No one knew what to do.

    “John, stay her with Riley. Roulou help Keashawna pick everything up. Emily, Brandon, and Blaze, come with me.” Serena said. They were going to go the basement to talk.

    “OK. I think I know what is going on.” Serena said, as they all sat down on the couch.

    “What?” Emily asked, propping her leg up on the coffee table.

    “Keashawna gets random blindness, you have a hurt leg, Riley is now randomly passing out, and I am pregnant. These are all problems we have.” Serena explained.

“I still don’t get what you mean.” Brandon says, confused.

“I think the demon is back.” Serena finally says.

“Why would you think that?” Emily says. “Yeah, these are problems, but that doesn’t mean that the demon in back.”

“Yes it does.” said Serena

“Then you are saying… the demon made you pregnant????” said Brandon.

“No! The demon planned on coming back because we all have problems to worry about…” Serena says.

“So you are saying… he controlled Blaze… I am so confused…” said Brandon.

“NO! Blaze did that himself. I think this demon is more powerful than the last time.”

“How do you know…” questioned Brandon.

“Brandon you know what, why don’t you help clean the upstairs since you are asking so many question about Blaze’s and my love life!” Serena says.

“Aw, but I have so many questions like…” said Brandon

“OUT!” Serena yelled, pointing at the door. Brandon gets up and goes upstairs, looking upset for his curiosity.

“Like I was saying before I got interrupted, I think it is a new demon that is much more powerful. It could tell that we would have these problems occurring at this time.” Serena said.

“How did you come to this conclusion?” Blaze asked.

“Well, first off, the demon left a note in the mirror, then Emi came home with a broken leg, Kea is having random blindness attacks, and Riley is passing out. Make sure you cover your head when Riley passes out, otherwise you will get hit in the head with a flying object.” Serena explains.

“That's a pretty good reason, but why do the demons target us?” Emily said, looking upset.

“Maybe it’s because we have powers that they need. I haven’t figured that part out yet.” Serena said.

“Let's go back upstairs, but wait to tell the others.” Blaze said. They got up and went back upstairs. They see John sitting on the couch, with Riley still in his arms.

“She’s been moving, so she might be sleeping.” John says.

“Try to wake her.” Blaze says.

“You don’t want to wake up Riley when she is sleeping. Trust me.” John tells Blaze.  

“Just do it!” Serena exclaims.

“Fine, but I’m telling her you told me to!” John says.

“Blaze… how much times did it take you to-” said Brandon.

“Shut up!” said Blaze cutting off his sentence.

“Riley, wake up.” John says, ignoring Brandon and Blaze.

“What do….you……..want…” Riley mumbles.

“I need you to wake up.” John says. Riley opens one eye slowly.

“Why am I asleep anyways?” Riley asked, sitting up on the couch.

“You passed out.” John explains. Riley looks shocked.

“What…” Riley says, confused.

“You really don’t remember, do you?” John asked. Riley shakes her head no. John looks at Serena for help.

“What's the last thing you remember?” Serena asks Riley.

“Uhhhh. Coming home from the hospital we got teleported here….and Brandon threw something at…..someone?” Riley said.

    “I did not throw the knife at someone! It hit the wall!” Brandon interjects.

    “Weren’t you trying to hit someone though?” Riley asked.

    “Maybe, but it was for a good cause!” Brandon said back.

    “Oh really?” Riley replied.

    “Ye-” Brandon started to say.

    “GUYS! YOU BETTER COME SEE THIS!” Keashawna yelled from the kitchen. They rushed into the kitchen and saw something horrifying. It was some random person's hands.

    “Oh…...my…….gosh….” Riley said, putting her hand over her mouth. Emily had to leave the room with Riley.

    “Who’s’ hand is that?” Brandon asked.

    “We all have our hands so clearly it’s not one of ours.” Keashawna snaps. Brandon just glares at her.

“We need to get it out of here.” John says.

“Where would we put it? It’s not like we can just say, “Oh hello! We would like to put some random person's hands in this garbage pile!” Blaze replies.

“Jeez, chill out. I was just asking!” John said, backing up a little. Blaze just looked away. They heard Riley and Emily talking in the other room.

“Lets just bury the hands in the ground, although at night, so no one sees us.” Serena suggests. Everyone agrees. That night John, Serena, and Blaze went outside and buried the hands.

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