10 weeks...

The Gang is back!!!! This time, everyone has a type of problem... no one expected these, until they are yet again attacked by a demon... more powerful than the next. Who will win this time?


5. Week 5

“Um, what happen?” Emily asked the doctor.

“You guys were fortunate, luckily nothing was done to the baby. Can you guys explain to me how this happen?” said the Doctor.

“Well…” said Riley.

“We… found her like this… she was having pain so we brought her here…” said Brandon. The doctor nodded and left.

Meanwhile… Blaze opens the front door to find no one home. So he decides to call Brandon. Brandon picks up his phone.

“Hey Brandon where are you?” asked Blaze.

“Why?” said Brandon.

“Cause I need to know.” demanded Blaze.

“We are at the hospital.” said Brandon.

“Wow, what happened to Emily this time…” said Blaze.

“Oh, it’s not Emily… it’s Serena.” said Brandon.

“Um… you are lying… right?” said Blaze.

“Nope… doctor says we were very lucky… she could have lost the baby… bye now.” said Brandon as he hung up the cell phone.

“Oh… crap!” said Blaze has he ran outside into his car.

“Seriously, you guys need to stop fighting. It only results in bad things,” said Brandon.

“It wasn’t my fault that he pushed me to the ground!” Serena said, tears brushing her cheeks.

“Well they won’t let you go home till tomorrow… we’ll stay here for you.” said Riley.

“Can we go find somewhere to eat? I’m starving,” said Brandon, “Do you want anything from McDonalds Serena?”

“I can stay here and take care of Serena.” said Emily.

“I want a triple cheeseburger, with fries, and a Sprite!” yelled Serena.

“You know now is not the time,” shouted Emily, “We are only going to get you a McDouble.”

“I WANT CHICKEN NUGGETS!!” screamed Riley.

“A 6 piece, 10 piece, or a 20 piece?” Brandon asked.

“20!” Riley said excitedly.

“Anybody else want anything?” questioned Brandon. He looked around the room.

“I guess that is a no. Welp… time to go to Mc. D’s! Does anybody want to come with me?”

“I do!” Riley exclaimed.

“Ok then… anyone else??” said Brandon.

“I told you already.” said Emily. Brandon nodded and made his way to the Mcdonalds in the hospital.

“Now I wonder if Blaze is coming…” said Brandon.

“I dunno…” said Riley. Then Blaze come dashing through the door.

”Is the baby dead?!” screamed Blaze.

“No,” yelled Brandon, “and there wouldn’t be a chance if you hadn't slammed her to the floor!” “

“So… y-you are saying…” said Blaze.

“The baby is seriously damaged and could die from it!” replied Brandon. Blaze stood their in shock.

“You’re lying right, c-can you take me t-to her?” asked Blaze.

“We could try… but you did go over the line in saying you don’t care about her. So I doubt she will wanna talk with you.” stated Riley.

    “I’ll take the punishment, if she doesn’t wanna talk then… I’ll at least be there for her… it’s the best I can do…” said Blaze.

    “If you say so.” said Brandon. Blaze had his lowered head and just looked down.

“It’s your own fault you pushed her. Did you even think of the consequences?” Riley said, putting a hand on her hip.

“To be completely honest, I wasn’t thinking at all. I don’t know what I was doing…” Blaze said, looking even more sad.

“We should get going… they are either waiting or starving.” said Brandon, making his way to the door. Riley sighed and followed, she felt both sad and mad for what Blaze did. Blaze slowly followed them and didn’t say a single word.

“They are back… oh… him…” said Emily.

“Wait who…” said Serena, as she looked at them. Then she got quiet… and didn’t say a single word.

“This will get awkward… fast…” said Brandon.

“Huh?” said Riley, looking for her chicken nuggets.

“I-I…” Blaze hesitated to say anything. He took a long glance at Serena and saw the sadness and hate in her eyes. He sighed and just sat in a chair next to her.

“I wasn’t thinking… I thought… er... I mean…” said Blaze. Serena looked at him and just sighed, but didn’t talk.

“I… understand why you are mad at me… or even infuriated… but… I just wanna say… I-I am sorry.” said Blaze.

“Look, it’s gonna take a while for Serena to forgive you. You did push her and almost kill YOUR own baby.” Riley blurted out. He sighs as she says that and slouched in his chair, looking up.

“Riley…” said Serena.

“What?” Riley said, looking up from her chicken nuggets.

“Can you pass the fries??” said Serena grinning.

“Sure!” Riley says, smiling. “Do you want ketchup?”

“Yes please.” said Serena politely. Riley passes Serena a box of fries and a package of ketchup.

“There you go!” Riley said.

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