10 weeks...

The Gang is back!!!! This time, everyone has a type of problem... no one expected these, until they are yet again attacked by a demon... more powerful than the next. Who will win this time?


1. Week 1

“Um… are sure it’s safe?” asked Emily.

“Of course, I am a pro now…” said Serena as she was standing on the roof.

“Did you forget I have the intelligence?” asked Serena.

“No… I didn’t… I just don’t wanna deal with you being hurt.” said Emily.

“Um… she has a point there Serena.” said Riley.

“Fine I’ll get off…” said Serena as she climbed down. They were 21 and they knew almost how to control their powers.

“Wait don’t you two have a date?” asked Serena.

“Oh my gosh! I forgot! Come on Emi let’s get ready!” said Riley pulling Emily inside.

“Wow…” said Serena as she made her way inside. A few minutes later came by Brandon and John.

“Sup guys!” said Serena. Brandon looked at Serena confused…

“Um… Serena… can I talk to you in private?” asked Brandon.

“Sure…” said Serena confused about what he wanted to talk about.

“What do you want?” said Serena.

“What have you been doing with Blaze lately… before he left…” asked Brandon.

“Why?…” said Serena.

“I can see a second Aura in you…” said Brandon.

“And you mean…” said Serena.

“Your preg-” Brandon was not able to finish because Emily interrupted.

“Whatcha talking about??” asked Emily.

“We were talking about how Blaze will come home tonight.” said Brandon nervously.

“He will?” said Serena.

“Yeah… he texted me yesterday…” said Brandon. Emily made her way outside and Brandon found the chance to tell Serena what he couldn’t.

“Serena… you got bun in the oven…” said Brandon as he left. Serena said nothing… but just stood there.

“What?…” said Serena. Serena didn’t believe him of course… but it would understand why she felt like eating more, feeling tired at times, backaches, and her cravings.

“Um… no way… that’s…” She stopped talking because she heard something weird. She made her way to the bathroom and there it was… in the mirror it read: You killed my friend… and I see you have a little one Libra… unborn and in your womb… don’t worry… it will be unharmed… but I didn’t say you won’t… Then the message disappeared.

“What?! He’s back,” said Serena worriedly. “But what he said… a little one? Then that means… H-How am I to break this to Blaze?!”

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