Project: Gemini

Five strangers were brought in to use their special skills to undertake a project. They thought that it was a simple task until it all falls apart. The hunters become the hunted. What happens when the simple mission turns from finding the most wanted to them becoming the most wanted.

This is something that I came up with and like to share with all. Hope this keeps you intrigued and wanting more.


8. Chapter 8

The five of them stood at the empty shipyard warehouse. None of them wanting to ask the other what was the purpose of this and who the other was. Ameila watched Wyatt and Nate trying to figure out where she had seen them. It kept nagging her how familiar they looked, while Nate looked at Skylar trrying to place her where he had seen her.

"I'm not good with akward silence and this is really creepy, standing here in this place and no one really telling us what this is all about. So looks like I'm the one that is going to be 'breaking the ice' and introduce myself. I'm Skylar," she said. 

All watched and finally Xander stepped forward and waved, "I'm Xander." 

"We are here so might as well, I'm Wyatt" 

Ameila looked up at Nate and waiting for him to introduce himself nExt but he didn't. "I'm Amiela." 

"Nate," finally he said. 

"So I know that this is a long short but do any of you really know why we have been called here to this amazing place?" Asked Xander sarcastically. 

"Beats me, I was told that I was called here and that I had to comply," said Nate. 

He was studying the warehouse when finally the pair of old rusted doors opened and through it some figures appeared. 

"Who are they?" Whispered Sklyar.

The figures came and now stood among the others. They were all dressed formally and by the apprearance of them, they looked someone offical. 

"I know you all have many questions and our agents didn't give you much to go on. I do hope that this all hasn't been any inconvenience but we really do need you help and I think it is time that we all take action before its too late," said the older gentleman. He had a deep voice and silver hair. 

                       // ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ //

They now walked further into the warehouse where a table was set out. There ware six chairs in which the six figures sat down.

The other five looked around waiting for seats themselves but when no one moved they realised it wasn't coming. 

"Like I said, I know you have many questions for us. We know that you all may be familiar with who we are." 

"We represent the council of the top agencies that protect the United States of America. Niles McCarthy, Head of Operations at the CIA. These are Quanitco office FBI Director Lacey Wild, NSA Unit Chief Sarah Standton, DEA Unit Chief Jasaon Erickson, US Marshall Rick Brown and Head of Department of Defence, Brian Jacobs," introduced Niles.

"Ok so why are the head and directors of all these big agencies after us. What is so important that we had to be brought here?" Spoke Up Nate. 

"You are all not in trouble or anything. Rather we have called this meeting in regards to a increasingly important matter. This is the security of the United States," said Sarah Standton. 

"You all are linked into the Justice system in one way or another. You all know that there has been a raising concerns lately," said Niles. 

"Are you referring to the possible mole within the system?" Asked Wyatt. 

All five turned to face him. 

"Ok, I'm completely the wrong person for this. I don't have anything to do with this justice system or even far from being the mole," said Sklyar. 

"We aren't suspecting you all of being the mole either. We have been intensely doing background on you all and we know that this is a assignment that is best suited for all you," said Lacey. 

"You all have been chosen because of the set of skills that will be needed to figure out who the mole is or are and stop anything that they have put into motion," said Brian. 

"Why are we to do this all. You above the whole army behind you and do I have to mention the fact that you all have agencies full of agents that are more capable then us," said Xander. 

"We fear that any of the members of this this agencies can be the mole and we don't want to risk the fact that they find out and goes into hiding." 

"Because if that happens then you have lost them with the secrets of the US defence or any case that you may have against hardcore criminals like drug cartels and all," said Wyatt. 


"But there is more to this story then you are telling us here isn't there?" Asked Ameila. "This can't all be it. Not the top agencies heads can't be gathered here at a shady looking in warehouse to look for one mole." 

"We suspect that there isn't only one mole. There is one or more in each of this angencies working together to sell out information to the highest bidders. Of anyone that are willing to pay for the information," said Rick. 

"The President is signing a treaty of peace with the President of North Korea and there are many people out there who are willing  to stop this deal. If the information in regards to this gets into the hands of the wrong guys, well you know what is a possibility," said Niles. 

"What makes you all think that we are the best perosn for this job. This isn't just getting a killer," said Xander.

"Like we said earlier. We can involve other agents or even more higher ranked agents but our suspects also includ them. You have to have high clearance in order to gather all this information." 

"Having someone work out of the agencies will provide a clearer set of eyes and less biased  views. This isn't an easy task that we are giving you all but we have done our research and we know that you all are the best suit for this task." 

Silence fell as they all waited for a response. They were right, this was a huge task and as much as they wanted to help, there still remained many questions. What made them so suited for this task. They all were random people only connected by one thing, they all worked in some form of law enforcement. Expect Sklyar which was another question. How were they going to find this mole?

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