Project: Gemini

Five strangers were brought in to use their special skills to undertake a project. They thought that it was a simple task until it all falls apart. The hunters become the hunted. What happens when the simple mission turns from finding the most wanted to them becoming the most wanted.


Author's note

This is something that I came up with and like to share with all. Hope this keeps you intrigued and wanting more.

6. Chapter 6

Amelia sat at her computer watching the news about the hostage situation earlier. She watched as an officer came out of the building carrying a unconscious woman. She didn’t seem to look injured and according to the reports no one was injured yet there was a gun shot.

“Hey, what are you doing? I asked you to get ready 30 minutes ago. We are going to that dinner whether you like it or not,” said Kylie.

Amelia rolled her eyes as she closed her laptop. She had tried her hardest to get out of this dinner with friends from work yet was unable to.

“I still don’t get why am I going to this. I don’t really know these people and they are your work friends,” argued Amelia.

“I will not let you once again sit here at home and spend the night working on the computer. I know that you love it yet there is more to life than that.”

Amelia looked at Kylie with a sarcastic shocked expression. “What… really, that is all that I thought this was,’ she said.

Kylie gave her a look and then smiled. “Come on, I like making him wait but I can’t keep them waiting too long.”

Amelia smiled and quickly went through her wardrobe to find something nice to wear.

                                         // ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ //

“So, I heard that the everything went well at the studio and your wife made it out of it alive. Thank god no one was hurt in that ordeal,” said Harvey.

Wyatt and Harvey sat in the car, keeping an eye on the motel room door. They were nearly finished with this and next team was being brought in to relief them. For Wyatt, the team couldn’t come fast enough. He wanted to go to his wife and be by her side.

“Yeah, I owe that Detective, Nate. He was in charge and he did what he had promised. Wish I can meet him one day to thank him in person,” said Wyatt.

Two black SUV’s rolled in and one guy came out of it. He made his way to them. “My name is Agent Williams and I’m your relief team. We got it from here and we will make sure that the witness gets to the court house tomorrow in one piece. If further supported is needed, we will let you and your team know,” he said and walked away.

Wyatt watched as he went back to his car and nothing.

“What’s wrong?” asked Harvey.

“Nothing, just thought it was weird. Maybe that’s how that works.”

                              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One Week Later ~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Skylar, I wasn’t expecting you to come back here so soon. I thought you were given 2 weeks off. What happened here that day isn’t easy to forget,” said Gloria.

“Well, sitting around the house and having nothing to do doesn’t really help either. I keep running the events of that day in my mind and… well I think I need to work,” replied Skylar.

She sat down in her chair and for a second she thought back and the memory of the smoke filling the room and people running around came back rushing.

“I saw that cute Detective that saved you. He came in here like a hero and carried you out,” joked Gloria.

“I wish I was awake to see that. Everything that I did remember seeing is a blur and I can’t even tell what was real and what wasn’t.”

Skylar watched out the window trying to clear her mind. She had come back to get her mind off that day and that’s what she was going to do. She loved dance and acting and she had managed to book her stage performance at the local theatre. Throwing herself into her performance and teaching dance here was all she needed.

She was about to go into her first dance class lesson when she thought she saw something. Someone was standing at the curb across of the street and watching her. She had this same feeling when coming to the studio. She stood up and went closer to the window to have a look but the person was gone. Was she paranoid or was someone following her. Shaking off that feeling, she went to her first class.

                                         // ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ //

Xander came in the Lab to find his stuff was handled. The lab wasn’t a mess but things were moved around. Did someone want something? He came in and looked around to check if anything was missing. He stopped when something caught his eye. In the silence and empty room, he could have sworn he saw a shadow. Someone was there watching him. Slowly making sure that they didn’t see or notice him turn around, he got up to catch this intruder. But no luck, as he got up and turned, he only saw the shadow of the person leaving.

Rushing after, Xander came out but as if like magic, the person was gone. Xander stood in the middle of the empty hall way. Was there someone there for real or was he being paranoid? Was it the same person who had been in his lab?

                                        // ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ //

Nate came in the precinct and once again turned around to see if anyone was there. He bumped into Jake.

“WOW… mate you ok. Why does it look like you just saw a ghost?”

“It’s…. nothing may sound weird but I could have sworn I was being followed. Since my house to here, there was a car trailing me and then a guy followed me. But he is gone now.”

“Do you have the number of the car?” asked Jake as he also checked after Nate to see if anyone suspicious was watching him.

“Yeah, I’ll give it to the IT people and see if they can track down whoever is following me,” said Nate.

“You sure it’s not just some crazy girlfriend of yours,” joked Jake.

“I wish, that would be easier to deal with rather than it turning out to be someone that I put away,” replied Nate.

Were they really just imaging this or was someone really following them around? Who can be behind it and what do they want? There was more questions on their minds then answers and with the events of the past, was it really just paranoia or was it real?

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