Project: Gemini

Five strangers were brought in to use their special skills to undertake a project. They thought that it was a simple task until it all falls apart. The hunters become the hunted. What happens when the simple mission turns from finding the most wanted to them becoming the most wanted.


Author's note

This is something that I came up with and like to share with all. Hope this keeps you intrigued and wanting more.

5. Chapter 5

Skylar sat in the corner trying not to do anything that would set of the two gunman. By the looks of it, they didn't want to hurt them if they could avoid it. Anna came and sat next to her who herself was panicking yet had a calm voice.

"They won't hurt us will they?" She whispered. 

"I don't know what they want. This isn't just about taking money from here. Even the police got here quick," whispered back Skylar. 

One of the men gestured for Skylar and Anna to stop talking which scared them both. The next set of events happened so fast that Skylar didn't even get a chnace to process it all. The phone rang and someone was negotiating with the men who spoke to each other in whispers. screams from the other hostages came. Skylar lifted her head to see what the murmur was for. 

The tall guy was now holding a gun which went off with a loud bang. Everyone screamed and Skylars hands shook violently. Anna slowly extended her hands and held hands trying to calm down Skylars nerves. 

"Look at me, not the gun. He won't hurt us as long as the police do what they are told. I have a feeling that they want to get out of here alive and not in a body bag," she said.

Skylar looked at Anna and nodded. How could she be so calm right now. But she didn't get a chance to ask her this.

                                // --------------------------------- // ----------------------------- //

Everything around Nate went silent as the atmosphere rang of the loud bang. He sera he looked in shock hoping that no one was hurt. Silence, as no one spoke or did anything. Then like the sound came flooding in, everyone started to react to the gunshot.

"Nate...Nate... Nate, mate are you with us?" Came the voice of Leo. "We have the snipers set up and the SWAT Team is here also now. You have tried to get them to cooperate and yet they haven't. And I'm pretty sure that was a gun going off. You have to give the order now to go in." 

Taking  in all the information and trying to make sense of the best way to handle this, Nate nodded. "We can't wait around to see what happens. Get SWAT to position themselves around the exits and have a team climb and secure the roof," instructed Nate.

Leo nodded and yelling instructions walked away. Worry rose inside him but keeping calm he continued. 

"All sniper teams on guard but hold position. Even if have a shot... Don't take it. We are going in without trying to kill anyone. I repeat hold position. Only shoot if things start to go south," he said over the radio. 

He marched to the front door where a team of SWAT were waiting. He explained the plan again quickly and took position himself behind. Signalling at 3, one member broke the window and threw in a gas can. They could see the gas fill in the room and could hear the hostages coughing. 

                    // ------------------------------------ // -------------------------------- //

Skylar could see the room filling up with smoke and her eyes started to tear up. She tried to stay low. As she turned around to check all others were OK, she got a shock seeing one of the hostage being pulled at gunpoint. This was the way out for the crimals and fear sank to her gut. She got up without thinking and Charged towards them. Taking cover from the smoke, she ran and bumped into the hostage who fell from the criminals grip. She turned to run but wasn't fast enough. She felt a hand pull her shirt collar and she chocked. 

Trying to fight and break free, she felt the man to hold tighter but in vain. Giving up he swang the gun and hit Skylars head... Hard. Tears formed in her ears and not from the smoke but the pain of the gun coming in contact with her skull. The room span and the pain blinded her. Next thing, she was falling to the ground. 

                                 // -------------------------------- // ------------------------------- //

Nate came following the SWAT Team. He saw the two men trying to make a run for the back and his other officers went following them. He ran to the hostages and slowly gestured them to make their way out of the studio. Someone bumped into him and she was pulling on his vest. 

"I can't see Skylar. She was next to me and then she was gone. She hasn't gone out," yelled the woman over the yelling from the back. 

"It's ok, you need to leave now and I'll go find her. She wouldn't have gone anywhere. Please..." He said. 

Leo was by his side within seconds and helped the woman out. Nate looked around trying to see through the now clearing smoke. Everyone seemed to have exited the room. He was about to check the next room when he saw someone's leg coming out from behind the reception desk. He ran to her side and found the woman unconscious. He tried to tap her face and get her consious but no use. Lifting her hear slightly, he noticed blood. He checked if she was breathing and then lifted her up. 

Nate slowly walked out do the studio holding onto Skylar who was still unconscious. The ambulance officers came to his side with a gurney and he placed her on it. He stood there watching them wheel her away. She wasn't shot and no one else was hurt which mean the shot was not at anyone. Relief at this thought brought a smile to his face and this widened when he saw the two men being dragged out by the officers. They had caught them... 

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