Project: Gemini

Five strangers were brought in to use their special skills to undertake a project. They thought that it was a simple task until it all falls apart. The hunters become the hunted. What happens when the simple mission turns from finding the most wanted to them becoming the most wanted.


Author's note

This is something that I came up with and like to share with all. Hope this keeps you intrigued and wanting more.

3. Chapter 3

                                    // -------------- 2 weeks later  ---------------//

"So how have we you been finding this place. Heard you were Ex SEAL," said Harvey. 

"I have a job and can bring home a pay check, that's all I need," responsed Wyatt. 

Wyatt had been busy with protection details and this was his first case with his partner Harvey Hills. They had been on protection detail of a witness whose hearing was meant to on the following day.

"You don't like talking to much now do you?" Observed Harvey. 

"It's not that, I'm great company but something  about this isn't right. We been asked to sit here and keep and eye out for this witness. The witness has already been attacked once already. The guys know where to find her yet still we are openly keep at an empty motel. With no proper advantage points for us." 

"We don't get paid for asking questions like that. The is the job of the US Marshals. But I do see your point. How can they constantly find our witness." 

"What do you mean?" 

"Well, previously witness has started to go missing, the bad guys are always one step ahead of us and they always seem to know that we are coming for them. Maybe they have someone on their payroll," explained Harvey. 

Even through he may have meant it as a joke, Wyatt started thinking about it. It has happened before and better pay from the other side, anyone can desperate enough can and will flip. 

"Well keep alert. I'm not losing her on my watch. I'm getting her to the courthouse tomorrow and she will testify against them and get justice," announced Wyatt. 

                       // -------------------------------- \\ ----------------------------- //

"Are you hacking into the system again or not?" Asked Kylie. 

"I'm only doing this because of you. I shouldn't be going this. I could lose my job over this," answered Ameila. "You know we wouldn't have needed to do this if only you hadn't been at his house snooping." 

"I thought he was cheating on me but now it's all sorted but if he sees the footage of what I did, then we'll be over." 

"Kylie, I can't be doing this small kinds of hacking and illegal stuff for that matter now. This is the last time," said Ameila. "And done." 

Kylie relaxed and sat back down on her bed. Letting out a sign of relief. 

"I don't know what I would do without you. I mean your skills are amazing." 

"Thank god I use them for good then," jokes Amelia. 

"So what's happening at work. Anything interesting." Hot guys in sight yet. And please don't say no... You work at the FBI where you are surrounded  by hot Agents with guys. Someone definitely should have jumped up at you?" 

"Kylie you are the one that gets to be out there. You are the media and communication liaison. I sit behind a desk and monitors in an office away from the main action."

"I honestly don't know why you didn't take that job. You could have been out there on the field like an actual agent yet you denied that offer." 

"I wish I could take it. It sounds amazing going out and actually doing field work. Hunting  down criminals and all that but at the end of the day, I'm a better Technical Analysist than I'm an agent. And also I don't want to be shot at all the time."

Kylie laughed at this and rested her head on the pillow. "You would have made an amazing agent... Trust me I know. I work with great agents and you have the quality that you need."

                             // -------------------------------- \\ -------------------------- //

Skylar came out and found the class was full as always. The instructor had just finished the class and was about to finish. She waited on the side. When the class finished, someone approached her. 

"Hi, Skylar right?" Asked the woman. "I'm Anna O'brien. Thank you so much for being able to fit me into this class. My husbands started worked and this is my day off. I love dance but I was late to register."

"Don't worry about it. I did the admin of your paper work and you are enrolled for this class. Glad you enjoyed yourself," smiled Skylar. 

They were talking when two men in ski masks came into the studio locking the doors. They were carrying guns and with the screaming and yelling, Skylar walked out to the main lounge area. Seeing this, she was about to call for help on her phone when one of the guys came and pushed her to the floor. 

"Everyone, put your phones on this bag and anyone tries to act smart is gettin a bullet in their head." 

"We don't have money in this premises so why..." 

"Shut up. We aren't here for the money," yelled one of the guys. 

Within seconds, they could hear police sirens and flashes. The two men stepped away from the Windows and pushed the hostages towards the doors. 

"We are getting out of this alive. This is our leverage and if they want them safe than they have to do what we say," said one of the guys.

Skylar watched from the small space at the door, police organising barricades and moving public away from the studio. 

"My name is Detective Nate Lawson, and I'm here to talk to you guys. My job is to make sure that no one is hurt and that we can do this without any trouble," said Nate from the megaphone. "So Andrew and Peter, let those hostages go and come out. We have this place surrounded. You aren't getting away."

Panic inside Skylar rose. She was scared for her life and the life of those inside the studio. 

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