Lost Girl

Her parents are fighting, she's getting bullied, all she needs is to find a Neverland. She needs to be a lost girl. But will that come with a price?


2. The Best School Day

"Hey dad, what's for breakfast?" I asked.

"Same as always is sweet pea," my dad said with a smile. My mom walked into the room and the smile quickly left dads face.

"Morning mom," I said, trying to smile.

"Morning," mom said to me with no smile back "eat up,"

"Yes mom," I said stuffing myself with food. The bus came and I took a set in the back row. Addie, Tara, and Alicia (like ever day) called me names like loser and outsider baby, stuff like that. I don't care. The bus got to school, I went into the school. How it always is. Why is there a 14-year-old telling me to come there?

He's short but looks tough, and he's looking straight at me. This isn't weird at all. I guess I should walk over there?

"Hello, are you Alice Huntsman?" He asked.

"Ya, how are you?" I questioned.

"I'm Peter Pan." He told me.

"Like magic, flying, Neverland, lost boys Peter Pan?" I asked in amazement

"Yes, now I've been set to fetch you. I've gotten reported that you're a dream and a warrior, is that true?" Pan asked

"Maybe, but why me, why did you choose me?" I asked very confused.

"Well, I've also heard that your father and mother have been fighting and your getting bullied." He said.

"Yes, but'" he cut me off "and lost boys, or (in this case) lost boys and girl, can only be people who are having a rough life," Peter Pan told me. "You in or out?"

This just might be the hardest decisions of my industry lifetime. Do I go to Neverland were there will be no fighting parents, no bullies, no school. Or do I stay in the real world and grow up and have a life. After hours of thinking (it actually took like 10 minutes but I feel like hours) of thinking about it. I chose Neverland.

"Let's go!" Pan took my hand and instantly we started to fly. It was the most magical thing I've ever done in my life. I am now a lost girl, and I will always be the lost girl.


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