Lost Girl

Her parents are fighting, she's getting bullied, all she needs is to find a Neverland. She needs to be a lost girl. But will that come with a price?


1. Home Sour Home

They will't shut up! They will't shut down! It feel like mom and dad will't ever stop fighting and yelling! I don't understand, I thought they were in love! I close my eyes to see if it will stop, but it never does. When I open my eyes tears come running down my face and I start to drop down into a cold burning sweat. I start hyperventilating for the millionth time. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!!

My mom walk into my room. You could cut the tension with a knife. She said nothing but good night and left. I've cried even harder and hyperventilated even faster. Another day of feeling like I did something wrong, even though I did nothing.

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