Or so I thought

Imagine those with who you last fought with disappearing, leaving you with a sorrowed heart and puzzled brain. Who could've taken those who mean the world to me? Who can I trust? "Nothing is as it seems anymore and I don't feel safe in my own skin."


1. First lost one

One by one they started disappearing along with every bit of sanity I had left. Everyone whom I trusted.

It started with my best friend Gina Lance, whom I admired endlessly. She is the pure depiction of perfection: the perfect body, with brown curly hair falling to her shoulders, and a smile worth of twisting every gut inside me and fill it admiration. Whenever I walked by her, I was filled with a strange sensation, a mixture of courage and nervousness, and as she stole glances at me, and smiled sometimes, I felt utmost self importance. I loved her and she loved me. We’ve been best friends for some time now or so I thought..

Early in the morning a few days ago, I approached my bestie with a hug and never would I have imagined what she did next.

She looked perplexed for a moment. And then took one look at me with utmost contempt before publicly humiliating me.

“Get off me, you ugly weirdo. Do not even touch me!"

Gina pushed me hard onto the locker and spilled her water on my head.

On my head.

Could you even imagine the embarrassment I felt? I was filled with betrayal and anger boiling inside of me.

“How could she?” “I thought we were friends!!”—I yelled as I ran off with tears streaming down my face.

All day I cried for the lost friend, but she wasn’t lost from the face of the Earth. Tomorrow I would have to encounter her and defend myself unto the one who betrayed and humiliated me, if only I knew what was yet awaiting me.

At 2a.m. I was awoken by sirens near the streets of our small town, and strange knocking at our door. My brother and my parents were aroused from their sleep. They came to the door to find cops standing outside our front porch.

According to the tale, Gina Lance never returned home from school. She was spotted near my street at around 9 p.m. by the local cameras, minutes before being snatched by a mysterious person. The Lance family was in outrage and despair as the cops asked the whole neighborhood for information.

Upon hearing about the latest events my heart wasn’t able to withhold the remorse and I bawled my eyes out.I regretted everything that happened that day and all these sad memories coiled up in my brain until at last I fell asleep.

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