Promise me?

This is based off a current roleplay. If you wish to watch it please do. It's called High School Roleplay
We tap into Scarlett and Finnlay's life.


1. Prolouge

I won’t bore you with an extremely detailed introduction. My name is Finnlay Martin. Boy from nowhere fancy. Let’s just say I lived with my parents and my adopted brother, Hugh, till a tornado came and took my parents away. I was left with my friends and my lover, Scarlett Forrest.
You’re always waiting for the catch. I know, I know. I am special. Not like any other mortal. I can manipulate metal. Every single bit of it. And Scar isn’t normal either. She is in fact daughter of Poseidon himself. How I got so lucky? I don’t know. 
Together we had 4 kids. And yes they are quadruplets. Esther, Jordan, Faith and Jonathan. Two boys, two girls. I love each of them so very much. I would do anything to protect them…not that they need it.
Of course our kids would have some sort of power since their parents can manipulate water and metal. But they are of different kind. I like to call them the four elements. Esther is fire to match her temper and personality. Jordan is earth yet I still can’t work out why….he likes dead things so perhaps grave dirt? I don’t know. Jonathan is air. I think it’s because he’s pretty flowy and likes to go along with everything, and in the words of Faith “because he’s an airhead.” And finally Faith is water, like her mother yet the total opposite to her. Faith is the calm waters of the group whereas Scar…she’s the…actually I don’t know what kind of waters she is. The kids have complete power over their elements.
Now comes the biggest mistake of my life. I told Scar that I’d had enough of all the life or death situations she gets us into and…she kicked me out. I left with the kids and never returned. Instead I waited for her to come. 13 years passed and she still never came so I decided to pay her a visit with the kids.

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