Promise me?

This is based off a current roleplay. If you wish to watch it please do. It's called High School Roleplay
We tap into Scarlett and Finnlay's life.


3. Chapter 2

Scar POV
“Finn I call the two hothead mini me guys over here for training.” I grabbed Jordan by the ear and dragged him outside. God I hate that boy he needs to learn some manners.
“No don't leave me with Esther.” Finnlay pleaded but I shook the thoughts from my head. He could handle her on his own, he’d only been doing it for 13 years.
I summoned 10 ft. waves in a small ring. This was going to be fun. “Don't worry I can do more.” I grinned to myself remembering what else laid in my power. “Let's get this straight, you think you can take me?”
Jordan gave me a dismissive wave. The nerve. “Of course I can. Don’t be stupid.” Jonathan nodded along pretty clueless of the situation.
“Oh?” I said with a sarcastic smile. “You think you can? Well be my guest.” I gestured myself. “Come at me.”
“Uh- well- uh.” Jordan was stalling. He wasn’t as good as he sounded. Easy prey.
“What too scared?” I teased him. “I thought you said you were a man.”
He gave me an ice cold stare. “I will kill you slowly.” He drew out his statement to make it clear. And as if they were linked in the head, Jonathan added, “Very slowly.”
“And painfully.” Jordan grinned. Again, Jonathan added, “Very painfully.”
To know that they wanted to kill me kinda broke my heart. “Sure kill your own mother. I don’t think you'd have the guts to do it since you're backing out of a challenge to fight me right now.” I smiled teasingly at him. The aim is to try and spark a flame in him.
He only rolled his eyes in response. “Fine.” He groaned and almost lazily pulled up a slab of dirt from the ground and working as a team, Jonathan blew the dirt with a lazy wave of his hand. Fools, they thought this was going to be easy.
I instantly reacted and pulled up my water shield. I blocked every chunk of dirt, turning it to mud. “You didn't think I'd go down that easily did you?” I snarled at them. I took my shirt off to show off my new six pack. I had planned for this occasion as I had put on a sports bra in advanced. Pretty smart huh? “Shit just got real.” I threw a couple of my daggers at Jonathan that pinned him against the wall. “This isn't your fight. Yet.”
The boy groaned frustrated. “Oh come on!”
I giggled to myself and threw a blast of water at Jordan but he was too quick and blocked it with a shield of stone.
“I didn't think it was going to be east. But seriously...?” he shook his head disappointed in my efforts.
“Battles aren't all based on powers. You will meet enemies that have stronger powers than you. You'll have to beat them with strength and smarts.” I believe in learning on the job. I quickly approached him before my words had a chance to sink in. before he had even had a chance to fight me I swiped him off his feet with a kick and rested a foot on his chest to keep him down.
Jordan looked furious. He clutched the ground beneath him. “But I say your power is your strength.” The ground underneath us began to shake rather violently but I kept my ground.
I shook my head. “Part of it is. But the other part is physical strength.” I picked him up by his shirt and threw him roughly 150 yards. Not bad if I do say so myself.
He landed on the ground with a hard thud. He didn’t move for a moment. Had I really hurt him? “Okay that's it.” he jumped up from the ground looking angrier than ever. He must get his anger from his dad. He started continuously throwing large rocks at me. It was pathetic. It was like watching a toddler throw a tantrum. He was slowly gaining ground, so it worked.
I blocked all of his rocks with a water shield of my own. “That's it? Had enough already?” I taunted him.
He started to tire. “I can only do so much.”
“I could do this in my sleep.” I stifled a yawn. “So you done yet or are you going to still try to beat me?”
“No, I’m not done.” He looked around for a weak spot though there is none. He concentrated on a spot underneath my feet. It changed to quicksand. “There.”
But I had been too quick. I had jumped upon a small water platform I created moments before the ground changed. He needs to work on his timing. I cocked my gun and shot the ground around his feet. “Whoops. Sorry. I missed on accident.” I found taunting him fired a flame inside him.
He groaned annoyed at me. “I hate you so much.” He said as he searched for another move. The words stung but I shook them off. He was trying another, hurtful tactic on me. Seeing that he had no other moves left he shook his head and sighed. “I give up.”
I soften a little bit towards him. “It’s a hard lesson to learn, to respect your authorities, I almost died challenging mine.” I turned to Finn and he’s been watching the whole thing in awe. “Finn we need to teach Jordan the definition of a joke.”
He approached me hurriedly smiling none the less. “Uh....” he whispered. “You know what he's like. He won't listen. He's obsessed with crazy war and other stuff...”
I shrugged. “What I'm hearing and what I've seen so far is that Jordan, Jonathan and Esther are all mini me’s. Would you like me to train those three and you can train Faith?” it shouldn’t be too hard a task for him.
“It's up to you.” He smiled. “But what I've seen is Esther and Jordan are me as a kid…a very young kid actually. And Faith is me in my teen years.”
“I don't think it would end well with me training Faith. Maybe later we can join up ‘cause the 3 of them all kinda I don't know… have something about them that tells me they're ready for the training I give. Faith, she's too fragile. I train like you’re in the military when you make your bed after you get up at 5 sharp. I better be able to flip a quarter on the sheets and it better damn bounce.” I giggled to myself.
“Jeez...” Finnlay slightly backed away putting his hands up in defence. “Okay I'll take faith. You can have the morbid bastards. I think it'll be easier teaching Faith stuff anyways.”
“Have you trained any of them at all yet?” I asked with a smirk.
He blushed in response. “”
I let out an exasperated sigh. He had really done nothing at all. I thought he was better than this. “What have you been waiting for?” 
“I was waiting for the day when you knocked on our door wanting to see the kids again.” His voice rose and quivered slightly. “I was waiting for you!” he clenched his fist causing the nearest pole to bend and snap with a metallic ring.
“Please calm down. I'm sorry Finn, I should have never done what I did. I promise I won't do it again.” I hugged him. “I promise.” I was fighting back the tears that stung and formed in my eyes. I mustn’t let them spill. I mustn’t show weakness.
He hugged me back sweetly. “Are you actually promising me? This must be important.” I could hear the smirk in his voice just teasing me. “But…” he sighed, his chest rising and falling against my cheek. “The past stays in the past. We can never change it and we can never forget it,” his voice dropped to a whisper. “No matter how hard we try.”
“I'm sorry it's all my fault but maybe.....” I choked back the tears once again. “Just maybe...” a tear dropped and I hope he didn’t notice. No weakness. “I don't completely deserve to die.”
“You don't deserve to die at all.”
“A little bit.”
“No not a little bit either.” His temper was rising again. I heard a metallic squeal and looked back to see, what was once a street sign, a small ball of crushed metal.
 “Calm down Finn please.” I desperately begged. I’m not one for begging but…desperate times call for desperate measures. I stood up on my tippy toes and kissed him.
He pulled away from me. “No.” he said. “I don't want you kissing me if it's only trying to calm me down. It works but I don't like the idea of you kissing me just trying to say 'Calm the fuck down'.”
“No Finn it's not like that. I haven't seen you in years and this is the first time were alone. And you’re mad. It scares me when you’re mad at me.” I looked up to him. My ----- staring into his own. “I'm afraid you'll leave me and now right after we just found each other.”
“Oh...” his face softened. “I see.”
“No never mind.” I let go of him and stood back. I am not what he needs right now. “I shouldn't have pushed you like that. I should've given you time and space-”
“No scar. It's fine really.” It only took him a few long strides to reach me. He embraced me longingly. “Please don't leave or make me leave.” 
I rested my head sweetly on his chest letting his constant breathing fill my ears. “Are you sure?”
“Yeah I'm sure.”
I lifted my head to kiss him but I hesitated. What if he didn’t want me to? What if he- it was too late. He’d already taken my hint and kissed me. The sweetness of our lips touching and our tongues pressing and my hand tangled in his hair, quickly chased any of my doomsday thoughts away.
Someone cleared their throat behind us. Probably to get our attention. I snapped my head around to look. It was Faith. “Uh…sorry to interrupt.” She said.
Finn groaned. “Fuck.” He cursed under his breath. “What do you want?”
Faith backed away, obviously feeling bad for interrupting our moment. “Nothing.”
“Damn kids.” I whispered to myself. “Faith why did you interrupt us then?”
“Well Jonathan stole Esther's locket...” She stated matter-of-factly pacing slightly. “I need not tell you the rest.”

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