im sarah i do dog sledding and horse jumping and racing with my favorite horse gost and i love dog sleeding with all my husky's but love it's one of the best things in life knowing someone loves you but im confused my ex from one direction want's me and shawn my boyfriend want's me who will i chose


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we got to my house and i rushed to where bear was ''jessy what hapend to him tell me '' i said sitting next to bear ''i dont know i was walking to go get the dog's and bear was just lying there on the floor '' he said crying ''we should get him to the vet'' louis said picking bear up ''great idea lou '' we ran to the car and louis put bear in the back with me ''don't go bear not now'' i said petting the old dog we got there and got bear cheacked out the vet came in and took us to his office ''ok so i see bear swallowed something very big '' he said showing us ''but the bad thing is he was slowly dying of old age too '' i nodded and loocked down before saying anything '' i think we should put him down i dont want him to suffer '' i said crying '' good choice '' the vet stood up and walked to the room we got the boys here but i din't want shawn he always talked shit about my pets he was a animal hater i bent down to see bears face ''im sorry it had to end like this bear i wish you where still my puppy '' he did a faith whine ''im gonna miss you and ill always love you bear '' i hugged him letting my tears go in his fur the vet gave him the stuff and i watched as my bear slowly left ''goodbye my friend'' i said and kissed his forehead i smiled abit knowing he was put out of his misery and it was a good idea i decided to do it my bear can't be left suffering ''he had a good life '' harry said he was crying too all the boys where we drove home the dogs where trying to find bear for a good hour before they realized he was never gonna come back ever i crashed onto my bed crying until my eyes where red '' i want my bear back'' i wisperd to myself 

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