im sarah i do dog sledding and horse jumping and racing with my favorite horse gost and i love dog sleeding with all my husky's but love it's one of the best things in life knowing someone loves you but im confused my ex from one direction want's me and shawn my boyfriend want's me who will i chose


1. ...

i finished school and i was walking home like everyday i loved the smell of the country air i got home and ran to the dogs ''hey guys'' i said petting all 10 dewey truman jack bear cali shadow ash smokey spirit and apie i gave them all food and tied them up on the sled it was still winter perfect time for dog sledding i put bear and ash at the front cuz ya know their the oldest and they have more expierience i took them on a good ride making them go fast i likey fasty ''wow'' i said getting off the sled i took them off and put them in the dog pen i opend mu phone and saw i forgot to change the wallpaper of me and louis my ex i quickly changed it to a picture of me and all the dogs i walked to see gost and the other horses ''hey gosty '' i said petting a completely black horse with blue eyes i walked over to snowy my white mare ''hey snow'' i walked in her stall and cheaked her i noted how she was doing on my phone i had a list of everyday cuz gost got her pregnant a new little foal is gonna be coming soon ''i can't wait till summer gost where finaly gonna be able to do racing and jumping'' after that i gave them their grain and new hay then left 


i turned the tv on and waited for jessy my brother to come back from work i watched tv for about an hour then jessy came in with a bag of stuff ''what's all of that jess'' i said getting up ''the stuff that are not selling good'' i ran to him and took the bag ''this is always good news for me'' i ran up to my room and opend the bag he always gets to bring me the stuff that don't get  sold good i took out a football and almost screamed but i kept it all in my tiny mouth i took out the next object a box of fidget spinners i counted all of them......12 loads of colors but awsome paterns how could someone not want them their awsome i took out a big horse toy then another ,another,another and another with each one came a color horse with the same color foal i took the last item but this time i atualy yelled of happiness a iphone 7 black with a one direction case oh shit i know their my buddy's but why does louis have to be on it he's my ex i still put it on tho i installed messager facebook twitter instagram snapchat loads of animal games a piano tap game (1D) then i put my favorite screen recorder app i opend my old one and saw i got a new text from.........louis 


''that's all you could come up with lou?''-sa


''so what do you want ''-sa

''i wanted to know if you would want to meet up somewhere tonigth ''-lou

''yea sure it's boring and i have nothing to do ''-sa

''ok where ''-lou

''at starbuck''-sa

''k ill see you at 5''-lou

''ok see ya''-sa 
i turned my phone off and imediatly got a text from shawn

''hey babe wanna go somewhere at 5?''-shawnie

''i can't ''-sa


''im meeting someone at 5 sorry ''-sa

''ok well ill see you tomorrow bye 😘"-shawnie

''yep bye ❤"-sa

did  really just deny it......nah i din't i got up from my bed and took a shower i smelled like dog does'nt smell that good i finished and put on a striped t-shirt with a black vest and some jeans i blow dried my short mop hair and then looked at the time ''4:55 i better get going'' i put on my boots and my jacket ''bye jess'' i opend the door and slammed it cutting him off ī walke'd to the starbucks and waited i played on my phone until louis got here ''hey lou'' i said as he came in ''hey sarah'' he replied with a smile ''so what did you want to talk about'' i said ordering a frapuccino  so did louis we sat down at a table no one was there nice we started talking about random stuff but the moment was ruined by jessy calling ''it's jess one minute '' i said getting up i walked to a private place and awserd 

''where are you''

''at starbucks with louis why '' 

''i need you home now ''he sounded sirious 

''why'' i said calmly 

''it's bear just hurry'' he said now almost sounding sad i knew something was bad 

''ok ill be there soon'' i said nearly crying 

''louis i gotta go somethings wrong with bear'' i yelled he got up ''ill come with'' i nodded and smiled abit louis always wanted to help he was just a caring guy 

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