Said It All


2. Chapter 2


In the past few days, Gary was gutted and upset because he thought he had lost a diamond shiny ring that his grandmother gave him before she died. He told Howard and Robbie about it, they helped look for it but it was gone. Robbie felt guilty but was worried if he told him the truth, Gary may not forgive him no more. They both was supportive towards Gary in few days and told him not to worry. 

Gary had started to eat too much in past few days too and started to drink more, to help him forget. He felt lost without his grandmother, the ring she gave was to keep him going. 


"Gary, you need to stop drinking! Your grandmother wouldn't want you to be like this, she'd want you to be happy!" Howard snapped at him

"It's the only thing i got of her" Gary shouted emotionally

"Mate.. I am sure there is something else of her that reminds you?" Howard thought

"Nothing.. Nothing at all..." Gary sipped his drink


Robbie walks in kitchen after he been for a walk. He was shocked to see Gary in a state. Robbie felt really bad and wanted to tell him. 


"I hate seeing you like this! Gaz... I need to tell you something" Robbie sat down next to him

"Tell me what?" Gary sighed

"You know that ring... Remember when we had that break in... Few weeks ago..." Robbie tried to explain

"Hang on.. You're saying they probably have took the ring?" Howard thought

"Yeah!" Robbie whisphered loudly

"I seen it the other day!" Gary got confused

"You probs thought it was there because it always been on your mind, something close to you" Robbie explained

"Did you know?" Gary asked firmly

"No... course not" Robbie answered gently

"Tell the truth Rob" Howard said

"Okay... Fine.. I knew but i didn't want to hurt Gary did i?" Robbie stood up

"You could've told him! Why keep it to yourself?! Look at him!!" Howard in shock

"I'm sorry mate... When we caught this guy, he punched Jason in stomach.. He tried to get away then i saw your ring in his hand. Then it was too late, they got away" Robbie explained emotionally

"I don't believe this... After all this time... You should of said and we would of sorted it. They could of sold it by now! What else did you see they take?" Howard shouted

"Just the ring i guess" Robbie answered

"Oh!" Howard sighed

"It's only a ring.. Nothing to be upset about" Robbie said gently

"He promised her to keep it" Howard snapped gently


Gary stared into space and listening to their voices shouting to each other as he went quite. Gary felt anger in him and then suddenly he got up quickly and picked up his glass, and threw it across the room. 


"SHUT UP!!!" Gary stormed out of the house


Gary took a deep breath as he slammed the door behind him. He then checked his jeans pocket and noticed he had £8 left but he still decided to go down to the pub. While Gary sat down drinking, Howard and Robbie talk about Gary. 


"What we going to do?" Robbie wondered

"I need to find him!" Howard puts his coat on

"I am sorry" Robbie apologized

"I'll talk to you later. Just clean up" Howard sighed


While Robbie was cleaning up the mess, Howard sees Gary in a pub drinking. Howard decides to join him and talk to him. 


"Gary" Howard sat down with his pint

"I want to be on my own" Gary moaned

"Don't push me away" Howard sighed

"I'm not. I even had heart to heart with Rob other day and he goes and does this" Gary explained

"He is still a good friend. I guess, he just panicked and he is sorry" Howard replied

"Let's not talk about him.. Lets have a piss up!" Gary sipped his drink

"I can't let you do something stupid" Howard snapped gently

"Football is on" Gary went to buy another drink


Howard watched Gary go to the bar and bought three pints for himself but then he decided to give one drink to Howard. 


"Gary! What you doing, drinking yourself to death!?" Howard shocked

"I got you one" Gary laughed


Howard felt worried but he is glad to be with Gary and not with Robbie. Howard wants to keep Gary safe and not let him do anything stupid. Howard and Gary then started to watch football and talked about something else. Later on, in the evening, Gary was wobbling and slurring. He tried to walk to the bar but tripped over a chair and onto the floor which made everyone rushing to him. He had 8 pints, 2 shots and 2 bottles. Howard rushed to pick him up in panic and sat Gary down. Howard tried ringing Robbie few times. 


"Pick up the phone!" Howard begged


Robbie finally answered as he noticed 5 missed calls. 


"What's up mate?" Robbie wondered worriedly

"It's Gary, he's so out of it. Please help me take him home!" Howard sounded panicky

"Oh god okay, see you in two minutes" Robbie rushed out of the door


"It's okay mate, it's okay" Howard hugged him

"Howard" Gary whisphered

"Yes?" Howard wondered

"I love you" Gary got emotional

"Love you too!" Howard kissed him on forehead

"You're my best mate in the whole wide world...." Gary said loudly

"You are too" Howard tried to stand Gary up

"I'd wouldn't be here if i hadn't met you" Gary slurred


Howard couldnt say no more but saw Robbie running down towards him. Howard and Robbie had Gary's arms round their neck and walked him back home. Howard then finally got him in and took him to his bed. Few minutes later, Gary passed out asleep. Howard watched Gary sleep and had tear in his eye. He had never seen Gary like this before and he had never been in this situation, it made Howard so worried. Gary had troubles in past but not like this. Howard closed the door behind him and took a deep breath. He wasn't happy with Robbie but walked downstairs and saw Robbie on sofa watching TV. Howard turns the TV on and made Robbie listen. 


"I am really sorry" Robbie told him

"I think you need to say that to Gary but what were you thinking?" Howard answered

"Actually... I best tell you the truth.. Please don't hate me" Robbie sighed

"Go on" Howard listened

"I sold it, Gary's ring..." Robbie confessed

"Hang on... you stole Gary's ring that was special to him?" Howard in shock

"Yes.." Robbie whisphered

"I want to know everything because i'm confused!" Howard looked at him firmly

"It was last week, i stole money aswell out of his pocket... i stole from him few times... Then i just saw his diamond and decided to sell it" Robbie explained


Howard kept looking at Robbie in shock and did not know what to say. 


"Why are you telling me this now?! Why did you do that?! Rob!!" Howard shouted

"I needed the money!" Robbie moaned back

"By taking things from your own best mate?!" Howard wondered

"I feel guilty, i do!" Robbie sat next to Howard

"You never change" Howard smirked

"Please do not tell him!" Robbie begged

"You want me to keep your own dirty secret? You need to tell him or i will!" Howard warned

"I went bankrupt, none of you knew.. I started to run out of money because i was spending too much" Robbie explained

"You could of asked for help! If you asked Gary, he would borrow you money" Howard sighed

"I know... It killed me seeing Gaz today" Robbie got emotional

"This will make him even worse when he finds out!" Howard took a deep breath

"I will tell him, i promise" Robbie told him

"You need to and sort this mess out. Because the longer you leave it, the less Gary'll forgive you. Yes, he may be hurt at first but you need to explain to him. I'm helping here because i'd hate to see you both fall out but i'm still mad with you" Howard explained

"I hope he'll forgive me" Robbie smiled gently

"He will. See you in morning.. and remember when you both had heart to heart other day? Do you really want to lose that friendship?" Howard stood up and went to bed


The next morning, Gary woke up with a bad hangover as he felt rough and had a big stretch. Gary sees Howard walking into his room with his soft smile on his face giving him breakfast which was jam on toast and cup of tea. 


"Thanks" Gary sighed

"Get food in you. You look rough!" Howard told him

"I'm sorry... I.." Gary tried to explain

"Don't worry! Everything's fine but i need you and Robbie to talk" Howard interrupted

"What about? There's nothing to say" Gary sipped his tea

"Look.. Last night, Robbie told me something which shocked me and i told him to tell you" Howard explained

"It better be good.. Tea's nice" Gary said softly

"Thanks" Howard sighed

"So when is Robbie moving out?!" Gary wondered

"He isnt..." Howard answered

"Thought he was.." Gary thought


"Hey guys" Robbie walked into Gary's room

"Morning" Gary sighed

"How are you feeling?" Robbie asked

"Not good.. Thanks to you!" Gary snapped gently

"Gary!" Howard told him off

"Oh, you're on his side?" Gary shouted

"No. I'm going downstairs and Robbie, you need to tell him now" Howard walked out of the room


Gary stared at Robbie waiting for him to say something. Robbie sat down next to him and took a deep breath. His eyes were watery. 


"Tell me what?" Gary asked

"I don't want us to fall out but please don't hate me. You're my best mate" Robbie answered

"Go on, tell me? Is it that bad?!" Gary wondered

"Yeah" Robbie nodded

"So.. what is it?" Gary sighed

"Remember when i said it was the thieves who stole your ring? I lied. They didn't take it" Robbie explained slowly

"Then who did?" Gary asked

"It was me" Robbie tries to hold it in

"You stole the ring that my grandmother gave me?" Gary raised his voice

"Yeah" Robbie whisphered

"You lied to me" Gary whisphered firmly

"There's something else...." Robbie looked at Gary

"Robbie...." Gary sighed

"It was me who been taking your money" Robbie confessed

"You serious?! How could you do that to me?!!" Gary shouted

"I'm sorry mate" Robbie got upset

"Don't call me mate! You're supposed to be my best mate.. Why? Why Rob?!!" Gary yelled emotionally

"I needed money.. I had been for a long time." Robbie tries to explain

"Where's the ring?" Gary wondered

"I... I sold it" Robbie confessed

"Please could you go" Gary got angry

"Gaz? Let me explain" Robbie begged

"I said.. GET OUT" Gary shouted


Robbie walked down the stairs in tears and cried into Howard's arms. Gary had a tear in his eyes and tried to cool down as he carried on eating his toast and drinking his tea. Gary felt hurt and shocked what Robbie did. Can he forgive him or not?


An hour later, Howard and Robbie sat down in kitchen having a cup of tea. Robbie explained to Howard that he told Gary everything. They heard Gary walking into the kitchen looking rough, upset and tired. Gary looked at them both but didn't say a word as he just went to make himself cup of tea. Gary then sat down and none of them said a word. 


"You knew how much that ring meant to me. How could you do this?" Gary told Robbie calmly

"I know that. I'd pay everything back" Robbie told him

"You should've told me about your money problems. I would of helped you. How long have you been skint?" Gary asked

"Few months" Robbie sighed

"So you've been stealing from me?" Gary asked

"Only for a month but since i moved here, my money just kept getting less and less, then it was all gone. I spent it all too quick. Buying stuff, going out to pubs, i had to pay this bill that i owned them before i moved here.. cost £800" Robbie explained

"Oh god Rob!" Gary sighed deeply

"I'll do anything to make it up to you" Robbie said

"I hope you do! You'll have to find a way to pay me back" Gary told him

"Maybe you could find a job to help you earn money" Howard thought

"Yeah" Robbie smiled gently

"This doesn't mean i forgive you" Gary sipped his tea


Few hours later, Gary has not been talking to Rob that much as he was still upset with him. Robbie has been down to Pawn shop to try get the ring back. He kept begging and begging, the man finally given it back and kindly told Rob he doesn't need to pay. Rob then goes down to the bank and takes out £400 that he sold the ring with. He arrived home and hoping to be friends with Gary again. Robbie rushed into the kitchen and put down Garys ring and £400 in front of Gary and Howard. 


"Robbie?" Howard in shocked

"There's £400 that i sold the ring with but got the ring back aswell Gaz" Robbie looked at Gary

"I don't know what to say" Gary in shock

"You don't need to say anything. I got it back because i felt bad and i don't want to loose you. You're my best mate and yes, i should of of told you about my money problems. I am sorry. Please forgive me" Robbie explained

"That's really nice of you Rob, really is" Howard told him

"Thankyou. But Rob, you didn't have to give me back that much money" Gary said

"I do!" Robbie told him

"Tell you what, you have the £200 and i have £200, make it equal" Gary thought

"Are you sure?" Robbie wondered

"Yes! We'll share it. But please don't ever do this again" Gary smiled gently

"Thanks" Robbie smiled

"Gaz... You really worried us last night.. You won't do that again will you? You even started to eat more and drink. I'd hate to see you down that road again" Howard told him

"Sorry mate. I wouldn't let myself go down that again" Gary said

"Gary, if you ever feel like that, talk to us and Rob, if you have any problems, come to us. That's what friends are for" Howard explained


Gary and Robbie stood up and gave each other a big tight hug. Howard sits back and smiles at them but then Howard joins to hug them too. 


Suddenly, an hour later, someone knocked on door and it was a woman. Secretly, Howard has a girlfriend for a few months to see how things go and they have been texting each other, talking on phone and sometimes meet up but his girlfriend is sometimes travelling away. She was passing and stayed at the B&B. She thought to see Howard who she hasn't seen for a month. Problem is, Gary knew her from school and they once went out with each other. Howard doesn't know that. Her name is Kelly. Kelly noticed the door was unlocked and helped herself in, looked round and shouted Howard's name. 


"Oh my god..." Howard whisphered

"Who is that?" Robbie wondered


Kelly walked into the kitchen with a nice big grin on her face.  


"Hello Boys" Kelly smiled and winked at Howard



































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