Said It All


1. Chapter 1


When the tears fall away
And there's no conversation
There's nothing left to break
That's not already broken
You're staring into space
And every inch of silence
Been standing here for days, and days
Said it all
Nothing to say at all
Nothing to say that matters
Haven't we heard enough?
Said it all
Nothing to say at all
Nothing to say that matters
Doesn't matter any more
In the sudden light of day
The weight of expectation
Hurt begins to fade
As you find a new direction
Been talking here for days and days and days
Said it all
Nothing to say at all
Nothing to say that matters
Haven't we heard enough?
Said it all
Nothing to say at all
Nothing to say that matters
Doesn't matter any more


There are five lads who are moving in together in a nice big flat in a countryside in West Yorkshire. They decided to have a break from Take That since 30 years together. They haven't split up or fallen out. Their music still plays all the time, still meet fans and sometimes sing in a pub together once a month. Howard, Mark and Gary lived together first then tried to ask Jason and Robbie to live with them, they agreed after 5 months. They have been best friends for 40 years and got stronger together but will it be forever? 


It's a Sunny Monday and the lads are asleep. It's 10am and Howard is the first one to wake up. He gets out of bed and looks out of his window, admiring the warm weather. Robbie is the next one to wake up and all he could think about was money. He spent all on his money so quick before he moved in with the lads and never said anything. He got out of his bed and slowly walked downstairs. He noticed Gary's coat hanged up in front of him and went to look to see if Gary has any money. He took out some and there was £50 in his pocket, so he took £40, leaving Gary £10. Robbie took a deep breath and walked into the kitchen. He heard Howard coming out and gave Robbie the biggest smile on his face. 


"What are you grinning at?" Robbie smiled gently

"It's a nice day! Warm weather makes you happy" Howard answered

"It really does. Saying that, do you fancy a pint later?" Robbie asked

"Yeah,why not" Howard nodded

"I'll pay" Robbie suggested

"Oh don't, you don't need to. Save your money" Howard smiled

"No, i insist" Robbie grinned

"Okay, only this time. I'll pay next time" Howard sighed

"The others not up yet? Lazy aren't they" Robbie laughed

"Ha they had a late night didn't they" Howard smirked

"Fancy a cuppa?" Robbie smiled

"Yeah okay mate" Howard replied


While Robbie made himself and Howard a cup of tea, Gary gets up and walks down the stairs. Gary was thinking of going to shop and checked his coat pockets. He was confused as he noticed he had £10 when he knows he had £50 the other day. Gary walked into the kitchen and looked at Robbie and Howard. 


"Mate?" Howard sipped his tea

"I had £50 but now i got £10 left" Gary sighed

"You're saying one of us took it?" Howard asked

"Well, i seriously did have £50... I must off dropped it other night. I was going to shop" Gary wondered

"£10 is enough mate" Robbie nodded

"You must of dropped it then Gary. You need to be more careful next time. Don't take out too much" Howard explained

"Yeah.. Even, last week.. My book went missing..." Gary got confused

"That's strange" Robbie whisphered

"Was it you?" Gary asked Robbie

"Me? Why the hell you think it was me? It's a book. Gary, just leave it" Robbie replied

"Sorry..." Gary sat down

"Thought you was going to the shop" Howard thought

"I am... Jason and Mark not up yet?" Gary asked

"No, no sign of them. They must be sleeping heavy" Robbie answered

"Do we need anything?" Howard wondered

"Bacon? Let's have a bacon sandwich" Robbie sighed

"Sounds good mate... Gary, fancy pub with us later?" Howard asked

"Maybe.. Well, i'm a bit short now" Gary said

"Robbie will pay" Howard smiled

"Yeah, i'll pay" Robbie grinned

"That's nice of you! I'm gonna go to the shop and get some Bacon, we need cobs too" Gary smiled gently

"Liverpool is on later!!!" Robbie shouted as Gary walked out

"Haha! Forgot football was on" Howard laughed


There was a note on side in living room as Gary walked past it but did not notice. It was from Jason and Mark, why did they leave a note? Meanwhile, Jason and Mark are in a car travelling wondering if they did the right thing. 


"Should we go back?" Mark wondered

"It's too late, we're halfway there now mate" Jason sighed

"It's only 50 minutes drive from Yorkshire.. Can't believe we're going to Leeds" Mark smirked

"You chose to come! Leeds isnt that bad. Plus, i found a really nice flat" Jason explained

"I feel bad leaving without saying anything!" Mark moaned

"So do i.. I promise, we'll be back. It's just a few months" Jason smiled

"I think we should text" Mark thought

"No, leave it. We wrote a note" Jason snapped gently

"Do you not care how they would feel?" Mark sighed

"Of course. Just stop going on...." Jason said

"Why did you want to go?" Mark asked

"Because... It's too crowded, plus i wanted somewhere different and if we did tell the guys, they would try and stop me. I'm glad you're here though" Jason answered

"Well, let's hope i'll enjoy this. If not, i'll ring Robbie to fetch me next week!" Mark told him

"Hmm" Jason laughed

"You have got a problem with Rob haven't you?!" Mark raised his voice


Two hours later,   Gary, Howard and Robbie was enjoying their Bacon cob with a cup of tea but they felt something was wrong because Jason and Mark haven't been down yet. Gary decided to go upstairs and check on them but suddenly, he was shocked to see the room half empty. He looked in their cupboards and was confused. He rushed down the stairs and noticed a letter on side. He opened it to read it. 


"Gary, Robbie and Howard. We are sorry leaving you guys like this. We wanted to get away for a few months. We're going to Leeds. Please don't follow. You are not the reason why we went. Do not worry. We will be fine. We loved every single minute with you but it's time to go. Really Sorry. Love you guys, from Jason and Mark"


Gary felt emotional after reading the letter and had tear in his eyes. He slowly walked into the kitchen with a letter in his hand wondering what to say.


"Gaz?" Robbie wondered

"You alright mate?" Howard wondered

"They've gone..." Gary broke up

"What do you mean they've gone?" Howard and Robbie wondered

"Here" Gary passed them the letter to read

"I don't understand" Robbie sighed

"They can't have just left like this! What have we ever done?" Howard wondered

"I know.... I can't believe this is happening" Robbie looked at Gary

"They better be back one day! Thought we all had a laugh" Howard sighed

"It did say it isnt us" Gary looked at the letter

"What time is it?" Robbie asked

"12.30, why?" Howard wondered

"Because i fancy a pint! Meet me there if you want! I gotta go" Robbie stood up and walked out


Howard and Gary sat in silence for five minutes. Howard tried texting Mark and Jason but there was no answer.


"They're not answering Gaz" Howard moaned and threw his phone on table

"Do you think it's me?" Gary wondered

"No course not! Why do you think that?" Howard asked

"I just guessed... Maybe that's why my money went missing because they took it! They must hate me" Gary explained

"Don't be stupid. Look, we're all upset but we would have to get used to it. It's not like they fell out with us" Howard sighed

"Yeah but they should of told us face to face" Gary looked at Howard

"I know mate" Howard agreed


Gary and Howard gives each other a big hug and decided to meet Robbie. Howard sees Gary takes a chocolate bar out of the fridge and grabbed some crisps which made Howard wonder. 


"Mate, don't do that again! You just had Bacon Cob! Please" Howard made him put it down

"Sorry" Gary whisphered

"Let's meet Robbie" Howard smiled gently


Gary and Howard wrapped their arms round each other for few seconds while walking down to their local pub. They saw Robbie sitting the sun sipping his pint. Robbie looked upset and confused. Howard and Gary joins him in the hot sun after buying a drink. 


"Rob, cheer up!" Howard tapped on his shoulder

"I'll try!" Robbie smiled gently

"Let's do something tomorrow!" Gary wondered

"Like what?" Robbie wondered

"Go to the beach" Gary sighed happily

"Sounds good.. Yeah maybe we could do some singing" Howard thought

"Where about?" Robbie asked

"They do a Karaoke thing. It be nice to sing one song together" Howard smiled

"Hmm we could but then people will think where is Jason and Mark?" Gary thought

"True" Howard agreed

"Forget it. We'll have a stroll and walk about, have a joke" Robbie explained

"Miss them already" Gary sipped his pint

"It's not like they're dead. They will be back" Robbie smiled

"True. Well, forget tomorrow!" Howard sighed

"Why?" Gary wondered

"We'll have some food in, beers and have a sing-a-long at ours" Howard answered

"Sounds cool" Robbie smiled gently

"We can't just stay in the house all the time mate" Gary thought

"I know that" Howard said

"Fancy watching liverpool back home?" Gary asked

"It's a nice day, i'm staying here. You both go" Robbie answered

"I'll stay" Howard smiled

"Fair Enough" Gary stood up

"Gary, you okay?" Robbie asked

"Yeah! Just shocked... How could they leave on us like this?" Gary wondered and walked away

"Gaz!" Robbie shouted

"Leave him. Let's have a few beers!" Howard cheered


Gary walked slowly back to the house. He was feeling abit down as he tried calling Mark and Jason when he got back home. He sat on sofa and looked at some photos of them all together. He smiled softly while looking through. He turned TV on and watched Liverpool FC on his own. Three hours later, Gary fell asleep and left TV on. 

Robbie came back home and saw Gary asleep on sofa. Robbie was a bit tipsy as he went into the fridge to get some more beers. He took out some money that he stole from Gary out of his pocket, he didn't know if he either put the money back somewhere or keep it as he had £20 left. Robbie then walked upstairs and into Gary's room, he looked round quickly and saw something next to his bed, he got closer and picked it up. It meant a lot to Gary but will he steal it or put it back? Robbie then suddenly heard Howard coming back in the house and shouting Robbie's name. Rob rushed into his bedroom and hid a nice round sparkle diamond shape under the bed which is Gary's. Robbie rushed down and wondered what was going on with a grin on his face.


"What's up?" Robbie grinned

"Where did you run off to?!" Howard wondered

"Oh sorry! I wanted to get back to check on Gaz" Robbie smiled

"You look flustered! Hiding something?!" Howard asked

"No. I been to toilet.. You know" Robbie answered

"Oh gross! Don't even want to know" Howard walked into the kitchen

"No harm done" Robbie laughed

"Get a woman!!" Howard smirked softly

"Ha! That's what i meant" Robbie smiled

"Where is she then?" Howard wondered

"Jumped out of the window" Robbie joked

"Haha very funny!" Howard joked back

"Gary's asleep" Robbie told him


Gary woke up at 5pm and hears Robbie and Howard laughing in the kitchen. Gary gets up and joins the lads. 


"Gaz! Fancy some food?" Robbie asked

"What like?" Gary wondered

"Pizza!" Howard replied

"Healthy one?" Gary asked

"No! Cheesey Pizza. Let your hair down mate, have it as a treat" Howard smiled

"I haven't got any hair!" Gary joked


By the time it was 6pm, Gary, Howard and Robbie finished off their Pizza's and beers. They had a good time by laughing and talking about memories. Gary had a text from Mark saying he misses them all which made Gary smile. Gary and Howard sits in front of the TV watching TV Soaps. Robbie had to go somewhere for an hour. He even took Gary's expensive diamond with him. Robbie hurried to the shop where people can sell things to them. Robbie felt guilty but he decided to go and sell Gary's diamond! Robbie sold it for £400, that's all he could have otherwise it would be more than that. Robbie walked back home and smiled at the lads like nothing happened. He went into his bedroom and sat on his bed. He felt guilty and he sold something so special that his grandmother had given to Gary before she had passed away. Robbie knew that. 

Half an hour later, Gary walked slowly into Robbie's room wondering what was up. He sat next to Robbie for a nice chat. 


"Hey mate. You're quite" Gary tapped on his shoulder

"I am fine. Nothing to worry about. Quite without Jason and Mark" Robbie smiled gently

"Oh, so we're boring?" Gary joked

"Ha no mate" Robbie laughed

"Hmm... Robbie, i just want to say that i am glad you're around. You're a great friend" Gary said

"Don't go all soft on me" Robbie laughed

"I mean it! You've been good to us all. What am i gonna do without you?" Gary put his arm round him

"I'm not a good person" Robbie told him

"Course you are. You've been amazing mate. Where is this coming from?" Gary wondered

"Nothing.. Sometimes you think about the past and it comes all back to you" Robbie sighed

"Same here but stuff the past. This is the future!" Gary smiled


Gary and Robbie had been talking for an hour and having heart to heart between two best friends. Howard wondering where they went to. He walked upstairs and hears them talking. Howard had a grin on his face and watched them talk for five minutes. 


"Hey love birds!" Howard joked

"God you make me jump!" Robbie laughed

"Oh, we were just having a moment" Gary smiled and stood up

"Moment? Oooo Nice" Howard laughed

"You taking the piss?" Robbie smirked

"Right" Gary got hold of a pillow and threw it to Howard

"Hey" Howard giggled and threw pillow back

"I'm going to go and read a book in my room" Gary smiled

"Gaz.. Thanks for the chat" Robbie thanked

"No problem" Gary walked out and into his room and smiled at Howard


Howard and Robbie carried on chatting for a few minutes while Gary sat on his bed and got his book out of his book side. He didn't notice something was missing yet. Few hours later, Gary got a bit tired and put his book down. He kept thinking something as he looked at his bed side. He realised something he loves had gone. It really meant everything to him, to remember by and his grandmother given it him before she died.   


"No..." Gary whisphered


It got late and Gary couldn't sleep thinking. He tried to go to sleep but ended up looking everywhere in his room. He couldnt find it at all as he felt heartbroken. Could Gary ever find out what Robbie has taken from him?



















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