One week - Novell collection

A collection filled with stories about, more or less, everything. And a story will not be longer than a week. Are you curious yet?

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1. A pink hoodie

It is close to midnight. The streets are all dark, only lit up by the few lamp posts along the pavements and a bonfire in the middle of the city. It is quiet except from a scream. The night is filled with the smell of smoke. You can almost taste the fear, from everyone not attending the execution. The fear of what is happening, and what will soon happen to them. Let me take you back to how it all begun. It all begun with a guy pink hoodie and his demons.

A guy was walking down the street in his pink hoodie. He had gotten it from his mother, before she passed away that is. It was supposed to keep him safe. As long as he was wearing it, and it was not torn, he would be safe. It was the only thing she had left him. The guy did not have a place to be. Nobody liked him, because of what he was. He knew, that he needed to get away. So he walked. And walked. And walked. As he passed the next streetcorner, he saw a bench between some bushes. He was tired from walking, so he sat down. He had been walking all night long. He let himself sleep, for just a couple of minutes. That would not harm anybody, right? Wrong. Demons followed his footsteps. They were slow, but steady. They followed him wherever he went.  At school. At home. At the grocery store. On the internet. In his sleep. Anywhere, everywhere. It was his demons. They had not always been there, but now they would not let him alone. They did not care about, what he wanted. They did not care about his needs. His feelings. They did not care about anyone. Nothing and no one. After dozing for a couple of minutes the guy woke up. All of a sudden. He was dripping with sweat. His skin burned, his limbs were numb and his heart was pounding. The demons had disturbed his sleep. Called him names. Kicked him over. Pushed him. Ripped his clothes. The guy cried. He got his bag with all his stuff in it and ran. Ran as if it was a matter of life and death. It was. His life. And everyone elses. He ran past white perfect suburbs houses, with green grass and pretty trees. He ran past people without apologizing. He reached the beginning of a forest. He went in. The nightmare was slowly disappearing, together with the guys sweat and tears. He took a moment to check, that his hoodie was still intact. No holes, no lose threads, nothing on it. He was relieved. The tiredness was catching up on him, once again, so he sat down on the bare, cold, bumpy ground, just a few footsteps into the forest. He fell asleep. Big mistake. He woke up in an empty room. No furnitures. No people. No decorations. Nothing. It was cold. He looked around for his backpack, but it was nowhere to be found. The guy was frightened. Where could it be? How did he end up here? Had he been sleepwalking? No. He had been kidnapped by his demons, and was now seized by them. He might as well just have given up. He did not. He was prepared to fight them till the end. After what felt like forever a hidden door opened. A boy walked. One of his demons. The demon went over to the guy and said: "I know what you are. It is disgusting! You do not deserve to be alive, so therefore we shall burn you, and everybody like you to. God do not want people like you to walk on the earth he created for pure people like me and my men. You must be destroyed, so only your ashes shall be left. Tonight you will be burned on an open fire. Everybody from the city is going to watch you die. They must be reminded that what you do is wrong, so they shall never again soil the holy earth with the presence of something as wrong as you!" The demon walked away. Later that night the bonfire was ready for the execution. Almost everybody had showed up. The ones who had not, was the next to be sacrificed, because they would be the same way as the guy. The bonfire was big. It was not lit on fire yet, but as soon as the guy was tied to a beam and put in the middle, it would be. The guy struggled to escape from his demons in the cold bare room. He hit after them, tried to kick them, yelled at them and begged for forgiveness. It did not work. He was beat down and attacked, until he was bleeding from his head, his knuckles was sore and swollen and he could not stand up straight anymore. They tied him up, and carried him to the bonfire. He was put in the middle, and the citizens shouted abuse at him. They danced around in circles around him, calling him names. Bastard. Betrayer. Polluted. Faggot. The demon sat fire to the bonfire, and as the heat got to the guy, he woke up again. He screamed, and wiggled to loosen his ties. The fire danced and crackled and burned him to death. Only his ashes was left.

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