The Book of Friend's Reviews

Submit your story to have it reviewed in a very honorable amount of time. Unless stated otherwise, you can expect your review done in a maximum of 4 days or your money back (if workload is low). Follow the form to begin. || Cover Store and Lore Store coming soon!


2. Friend's Form

Fill this form out as precisely as possible. The form helps us determine who reviews what, and it can also get your story reviewed a lot faster! We are aware that the phone app limits some of these a bit, but remember if it is not stated in the additional information, we will consider that you disrespected this rule. To see our staff, look below!



Ophelia: Non-Fiction

Ruby: Fan-fiction & Romance

Tyler: Realism

Nicolas: Fantasy & Horror

Brooke: Paranormal & Supernatural

Jasmine: Poetry

Jenna: Other Genres

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