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Submit your story to have it reviewed in a very honorable amount of time. Unless stated otherwise, you can expect your review done in a maximum of 4 days or your money back (if workload is low). Follow the form to begin. || Cover Store and Lore Store coming soon!


1. Friend Coins Information

Welcome to The Book of Friend's Reviews, a book focuses solely on making sure your book gets the feedback it deserves. Here we are dedicated to finishing your review as quick as possible so you can get on your life with a weight lifted off your shoulders. This book, however, has a little twist. In order to incorporate fun for us and the community, we are applying a cash system. Don't worry, it's not real money. Here we will be using Friend Coins, currency you can earn by earning good marks on your review.

Friend Coins

Everyone who first visits this movella will start off with 3 Friend Coins, which can be cashed to have a review submitted to us by filling out a form. Your first review is on us (FREE). In your review, a total of four topics will be touched: Cover, Structure, Characters and Plot. Remember, even if you didn't make the cover it will still be judged. For each topic that rises above the satisfaction mark, you will earn 1 Friend Coin. Friend Coins can be cashed for various prizes, which will be included below. Remember that Friend Coins can be given to other Movellians, should they be unable to pay for themselves. If the situation arises where you lose all your Friend Coins and are unable to earn more by requesting a review, you may mumble us directly to learn of how to earn Friend Coins a different way. You can also earn 2 Friend Coins just by following us! All Friend Coins are monitored and documented by us via a word document to ensure we don't forget your total value.

Should you disrespect us in anyway during the reviewing process, you will lose 1 Friend Coin as a penalty. Disrespect includes: Cursing in the comments, arguing in the comments, throwing a fit about our review, not correctly filling in the form, not replying to a review once it has been finished, nagging us repeatedly about finishing a review before the 4 day deadline and refusing to follow the Cash System.


Review: Get a review for one of your books, or offer one for a friend as a gift!

Cover Entry: Have our graphic editor make a simplistic cover for one of your books!

We Follow You: Receive a follow from us, and also receive feedback on your new content as a bonus.

Lore Entry: Pick a character from one of your books and put them in a world of your choosing and watch our writers tell the story of their life and demise!

Shoutout: Receive a shout out for being a rich friend!

Access Pass: Receive unlimited access to the Review Store, Cover Store and Lore Store!

Picture Stamp: Receive a picture stamp to show off on your profile, symbolizing your journey as a writer!

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